VIP bonus mistake?


It says +50 percent; but then it says 37500 for 500 game dollars instead of 3750. It’s a heck of a deal if I can get that many gold for that price.


I think we have to assume its a typo - if anyone can prove otherwise then I’m off to find a tapjoy offer :slight_smile:


You might be reading the deal on coins. Buy it good deal.better than saving up for vault of coins.


You do get 37,500!!!


No typo. The other one is 25000 coins for 500 cash. +50% is 37500 just like it says. It is cash for coin a better deal than the cault of coins, but you can only buy it three times.


It’s the 2500 that’s wrong


It happens every time they do a coin or cash deal


The screenshot for above deal has been same last time also. Ignore the 2500 coins striked out.

Normally, you would get 25K coins for 500 cash.
With 50% bonus, you are getting 25K + 12.5K = 37.5K coins.

I definitely think this is the best deal that came recently. Can someone confirm if we should wait for better deal?

Below is an analysis of the cost rate for each dollar.

Rate = No. of coins you get for 1 cash.



DId they release a vault with 343k or 412k coins ? Cause I only remember the 10% one, a good deal but not as much as this 3 times only offer


Ah yes - the typo is the 2500 struck through, lol. Signed up for a tapjoy offer - pay a pound get 392 hard cash (50% bonus at the moment) - which gave me enough when combined with a couple of days supply drops to buy it - 37,500 coins for £1 - sweet. Fair play to tapjoy - have had some issues in the past (took me 3 weeks+ to get a 6500+ notes reward, but did get it) - but this time the cash was credited within seconds.


Isn’t that option normally 2500 coins?


Yeah but not for 500 it’s for 60


Yes, but the scratch out is just showing what that offer normally is. They had to replace something to show the new deal so they replaced what I assume is the least purchased one.

Just clarifying that there’s no typo.

It’s a great deal.


I don’t think so. Like you said, the only one deal I remember seeing for 4500 cash was the 10% extra which is way bad than this deal (restriction is you are limited to 3 times this deal).

Even the 25% extra on 4500 is just comparable. So, I am thinking of going for this deal for now.
Who knows when the next HUUUGE deal will come :smiley:


Sorry I’m not even sure what your question is


I didn’t ask a follow-up question. You answered my only question when you confirmed that position is normally 2500 coins.

What do you mean?


Yes for me it’s an easy buy since it’s the best deal I’ve ever seen :innocent:


My coin supply was dwindling rapidly - down to my last 30,000 after some costly power ups but the treasure chase, 3 days of max supply drop coinage, the 10 battle strike event and this great offer has me back up to 124,225 - 38 dinos waiting to level up but none I’m wasting coins on …
@Genji917 - thank you for highlighting it!