Vip Bonus Suggestion


I maybe will cancel my vip because the following reasons:

  • VIP Bonus is very low, not worth the 9,99 euros.

But i also agree vip shouldn’t be pay to win or very op

But we can change that, here are a few suggestions i have:

Some stuff that does not really make VIP pay to win:

Suggestions #1 (We should have these bonus in-game or a few of them)

  • 140 Dart Space > 240 Dart Space
  • 150m drone range > 300m drone range
  • 1 Free Incubator /6h > 2 Free Incubators /6h
    2 Free Incubators /6h and / or once a week a rare Incubator.
    4 Free Incubators /6h
    1 Exclusive Incubator /2 weeks + 1 Free Incubator 6h by Justanother

Stuff that also can be added, but vip shouldn’t be a pay to win and this maybe makes it more pay to win. So it’s optional. (maybe a premium?) or just not.

Suggestion #2 (Some extra suggestions, is not something really important for vip.)

  • 4 Slots battle arena > 8 slots (idk if this already changes if you levelup) am not that high.
  • 2 at the arena incubators at the same time.
  • Drone able to fly to supply drops from 150m away.
    I won’t add the better darts to the list, that’s unfair for people that can’t afford and it makes you op.
    I also won’t add that we should able to fly a drone to get a supply drop further then 150m. Vip shouldn’t make us that lazy.

So that are all the suggestions, I hope the developers read this.

I am sure this will keep people paying a month and might even get more people to get it.
Since now i don’t recommend it to my friends. (sorry)

Well that’s it, let know what all think of it? & Like if you agree!

ViP perks, need update
More vip benefits

I think being able to use your drone for supply drops within the 300m wouldnt be game breaking, and itd still force people to walk around…300m isnt that great a radius

Just my thought


Love the idea of an extra incubator and increased range on the drone but i was thinking maybe vip should get and exclusive incubator because we’re vips … or change the free incubator ( every 6 hours ) to a vip exclusive and make it a bit more rewarding such as dino bucks or more dna


I have updated, thank for your comment!


I have added your idea to the list! I hope you don’t mind :wink:


Nice ideas
Im ViP and i agree about more benefícits, BUT dont make a p2w game, or people just stop play, and m2


I dnt mind at all ! We gotta do what we have to, just to be heard


Those ideas would probably keep me a vip. I’m more disappointed that the big incubator they sell to get you a VIP is apparently a one time thing? I definitely thought it was more than once and I was annoyed to see options for a higher level once I became a VIP.


At end of the month if nothing has been changed i will cancel my vip.


Need to make it VIP gets 25% more coins per every way you earn coins.


Free incubators should reward significantly more DNA and coins. There are far too many hybrids that cannot be made since the DNA doesn’t exist. Sinoceratops and erlikosaurus being the key dinosaurs here. Coins and cash are useless since you can’t even get nearly enough even in a week to level up higher level dinos. Having to spend hundreds of dollars to basically get nothing is unfair and almost like stealing. A few dollars here and there is much more fair. Paying for VIP is a scam to get an extra $10 from players on top of paying for in game cash. At least Pokémon Go allows for 50 coins a day that actually mean something. You can actually play that game for free with some time and effort. This game it’s all about how much money you can spend and get lucky that those premium incubators give you the right DNA.



•300m drone range would be huge for me.
•Also the distance the little circle around your position should be larger so you can reach supply drops from slightly further away.
•Should be able to do 2 incubators at once