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VIP buffed or nerfed in update?

Hear me out, VIP could have been buffed because now a longer time really matters with a terrible darting drone. However, a couple extra seconds with a bad darting drone still sucks. In my opinion making something worse in game doesn’t make VIP any better, just makes the game lamer for those who don’t want to pay the subscription. In order to make a VIP worthwhile, Ludia needs to put out an update that doesn’t hurt regular players, while also making VIP something worth spending a couple bucks on. Doesn’t that sound somewhat fair?


You already gert 1/3 more DNA and with this the chance to progress 1/3 faster than non vips. What more do you expect for 10$? If that’s not enough, you could just cancel it :wink:

Do VIP get more boost tokens from daily battle incubator?

I’m not against it by all means in fact I have VIP I just asked. Whether people thought it was even changed at this point, if it was worth more or not.