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VIP buildings/decorations offers from trading harbor

I’ve gotten a few trade offers from Chanya that seem to be considerably better than what you get from the loyalty packs. For example: 1804 LP to get 4x Natural science center. Or 3800LPs to get 5x Earth Park. The packs for these go for 2000 and 4000LPs respectively and you only get one copy. Are these offer’s too good to be true or perhaps those packs are horribly over priced for what you get?

Not sure what stage of the game you’re at right now.
But these VIP buildings will be available later on in your play for trades using coins.
And you most definitely will get to a point where you must decide for yourself how best to use excess coins without wasting them, since storage capacity is 99,999,999.

Unless you’re just being an impatient completist, there is no reason to spend loyalty points on VIP buildings and decorations, other than Clock Towers. You can get most of them in either the Prize Drop or by trading coins for buildings/decorations in the Trade Harbor. There are much better ways to spend your Loyalty Points.


Yeah, don’t spend LP on building/decorations other than the clock tower in the trade harbor.

Also, the VIP buildings don’t help in anyway other than coin generation. And they are only ok at that relative to dinos.

I’m guilty of wanting one of each of everything. So, I understand wanting to buy one.

Unless you are a rainy day VIP member, don’t be in a rush to get them now.

Lastly, and I’ve done this, don’t spend DNA on them either. If you have a lot now, you won’t later when you want to hatch more hybrids.


In my opinion, once you’re late game, not even the clock tower is worth it. Trade VIP points for gold? I’d gladly get some extra DNA.

But having more or less unlimited coins allows you to trade coins for everything else: creatures, DNA, large amounts of food, and Earth Parks and Ocean Fountains (both of which do great trading for DNA, Loyalty Points, and Dinobucks). Additionally, you can buy all of the Hammond Statues and Apatosaurus Fossils you want to later trade away

Thanks for the replies. I’m level 53. I just want to make sure I’m doing the most optimized actions. Seems like I should never be trading for buildings. My question was more about the value of these buildings. For example, could it be that trading 1800 LPs for 4 buildings might later on allow me to trade them back for lots of coins then trade those back for more than 1800 LPs. I assume not so I wont be grabbing buildings or decorations anymore.

At 53, save all LP point for 10k gold packs with vip Dinos.

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I skimmed trough & down & I feel like every post missed your point COMPLETELY. I think I know what you mean because I noticed it immediately & don’t see how it is even possible to miss within only a couple or few days…or a week if slow week. Maybe it Just me but I didn’t see really anything said that stressed what YOU said. Just an observation. Nothing personal. I also DID see OTHER valid points as well. But trades and a few other things DID get better TOO.

How do you figure?

We told him to save LP for vip Dinos, that Dino produce coins better too.

When you’re in late game coins come easily. I wouldn’t spend that tbh.

They come easily because you’ve set it up that they come easy

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And it’s basically a question of how quickly do you want to be back up to max coins if you need to spend a lot on a trade, fossils, etc. In my experience, the TH has a tendency to offer similar trades if you take a particular trade so for instance, you may get a run of high value coins for food trades, and having a park that is producing lots of coins allows you to take those when someone else might not be able to.

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If the concern that you’re talking about not being addressed is regarding trading items back and forth to gain additional resources that way… I would recommend against it. The trader will typically provide worse trades for you than she would take. And just trading back and forth I don’t think is a good way to increase resources (especially for early players). Example being (and mods are perfect because they have so little value): You can buy a SR mod for 33 bucks, but she will buy 5 SR mods back for 22.

I think there are two ideal uses for the trader. 1) You can use these trades to get offers that you otherwise are unable to receive (example: proceratosaurus for 11k VIPs instead of 35k or 50k). 2) You can use these trades to get things you want for things you have an excess of (example: coins for pretty much anything - primarily dino’s or clock towers for me).

Just my two cents. But I think that’s the specific question you felt like wasn’t directly addressed. Though I do feel like the other advice on this thread was more specific and probably more helpful than what I’m providing.


Also addressing the original?
Yes the packs are over priced for a VIP player, for a non VIP player that is for them to decide. Non VIP players will not get the random VIP building / decoration trades in the Harbor, or at least they can’t participate in them. So in that case the only way a non VIP can get some of those buildings are those “overpriced” packs.