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VIP cadence?

Is there a regular cadence to VIP creatures appearing? Like for instance, I would love to get another prestosuchus, but I don’t know when he will be available for purchase at 20,000 LP

I waited about 3 months to be able to buy my last eudimorphodon … patience :sleeping:

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Prestosuchus and Proceratosaurus are frequent flyers for me, with Apatosaurus, Eolambia, Mastodonosaurus and possibly others being offered much less frequently


I wanted the metoposaurus in the 20k package… :rofl:
is the only amphibian I don’t own…

If your vip ive had 3 show up for 11k points. I didn’t take them because I’m saving for a big spending spree. If not then I’m not sure when hell show up

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I think hes a rare vip for 35k


Yeah it happened for me once. It was great

He’s my only level 30 :sweat_smile:

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I’ve never even seen Apato up to bat. He’s another great one I would like to have eventually

Proceratosaurus? That might be for VIP players only. It’s not available for me, it never was.

yeah its vip only. dont worry though hes not that good

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proceratocerous is basically a level 40 metricanthosaurus at level 30.

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What does it mean?

wat? are you asking me?

Yes. What you wrote… i can’t get the meaning. It means his attack af 40 is the same as Metria? No, bcuz
Procerato 2680 Hp and 2155 attack at 40
Metricantho 1456 Hp and 1347 attack at 40

He means Proceratosaurus at level 30 = Metriacanthosaurus at level 40. It was just worded differently.

No, procerato is wayyyy stronger

Metriacanthosaurus level 40 attack 1347 health 1436
Proceratosaurus level 30 attack 1523 health 1895

So, almost 180 more attack and over 400 more health.

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No Proceratosaurus level 30 is similar to metricanthossurus level 40

Yes but how much does a level 30 Proceratosaurus cost? 140k or 44k LP. Whereas a level 40 metricanthosaurs costs 55k dna.