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VIP Cancellation

Dear Ludia,

just want to inform you that I cancelled my VIP membership and will reduce my time on this game. I loved the game but since the update 1.7, you messed it up.

Still no Mosasaurus & Co but Smilodon…

You honored cheaters at the skill tournament and did nothing to change this, after some hours it turns out that there is a exploit bug but instead of cancellation the tournament, you honored them…

It took a week to make a bugfix and thousands of players waisted their time, still waiting for an apology from your side.

Your communication about the bugs etc on FB or this forum is pretty bad…why nobody is able to update your players daily when something happening?

Boosts are nice but to allow many players to keep the additional speed boosts are totally unfair and ruined the Arena, how can somebody win against this overrated Thors?? You should refund the cash and make the system different…not pay to win or use bug to win!

As you can read on this forum and on FB, thousands of players are upset or quitted the game and soon your only players will be the cheaters and you can shut down this game.

Hope that you will do something and communicate this soon or this is the end of JWA…

a TOP 250 player


Get in line, Ludia has to address the other several hundred that claim to cancel & quit


You’re not in the position to be sassy at the moment Mark.


I want to cancel my vip but not sure how on iPhone . Thanks in advance for help.



Settings -> tab your name -> iTunes Store and App Store -> tab your iTunes ID-> show Apple ID -> subscriptions -> you’re there :slight_smile:


I love how he acts superior to everyone else (not really)


New to the forum but have been playing since almost the release. Just cancelled my VIP as well. Ludia seems to have adopted the classic business blunder of “the customer isnt right, we are right.” I’m out


You forgot that part about the devs lying to the mods and making their lives miserable.

At least 5 members in my Alliance just quit VIP. I quit after Season 6 cheaters issue.


That’s great with the cancellations. Hopefully lots do. Unfortunate it comes to this. But turning a blind eye to the majority is bad for business. They told us during the spin event there are 9000 alliances. We spend more as a whole than 1 alliance does.

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They should refund everything wasted on the game for the last year.

It’s a big big joke. Ludia is pulling too far with this system and abusing fair players and not respecting the ones who have been supporting Ludia with VIP membership or in-game purchases.

Ludia has forgotten that all money it did is thanks to the initial concept of the game which has turned into a big big… whatever you want to call it.

and overall THANKS TO US PLAYERS who seem to not be taken into account when major updates are released.

Thank you Ludia FOR NOTHING.


Had to edit so I’ll be nice…

I don’t think you are in the position to say anything just agreeing with other people on here.


Weird, that’s news to me :thinking:

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Sure I can?

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So you didn’t exploit the Ai feature in tournament no?


Oh I fought the AI, I don’t deny that. I fought the AI because it was designed in the program and I got tired of 6 straight timed out matches, to which I learned AI rewarded medals afterward and figured it was mainstream knowledge. I abstained from the tournament after the community outcry of it being a problem.

Refer to the other thread for more information if you wish to know my thoughts on the matter. Let’s move on & encourage Ludia to get their programming right on the upcoming tournaments.


I will look but if thats the case then
Why do a hell of alot of people still class you as bad then?

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Everyone needs a scapegoat to direct frustrations. Many players were upset how this tournament unraveled and I was a part of the initial disdain. I own up to the matter and understand the backlash. I look forward to a functional tournament where everyone that firmly believes I’m a cheat and have their share battling with me.


Just disgusting

  1. Mark actually thinks his spending makes him some thing outside this game. LMAO.

  2. lost 6 members today all of whom were VIP. Turning alliance over to some one else and loosing 4 more VIP members soon.

  3. ??? Who reported the glitch or did Ludia discover it. I am betting it was reported by people who ran out of money.