VIP Cancelled, simply not worth it


Just cancelled my VIP. Several reasons for this:

1: The added 50m Drone Range and added Drone Energy don’t really mean much when you walk to find things anyway.
2: The “added value” is simply too little to justify paying what an online MMO charges for premium service.
3: The game is filled with glitches, whether on Android or iOS, fights end up going foul and you restart the app to find you have lost even though the fight never really got displayed on your screen, but only the countdown. Or you enter the fight only to have the dino list be blank, so you can’t even choose a dino or perform attacks.
4: The lack or AR support for phones that have no problems using AR in other games, and the total lack of interest from Ludia to even begin looking at making better code.
5: Instead of adding actual value, what is added is cosmetic content. Instead of polishing up the code, more content is added, making the clients even more bugged and laggy. How about fixing the errors before you pile on new content that just slows the game down more.
6: Final reason: It pisses me truly off, to walk several km to find a rare dinosaur, and instead of getting it, you got it on screen until you get within 50m then it simply vanishes. Same goes for special event spawns: What good is a spawn time list, when the dinos don’t even spawn in the first place, and all you get is the green spin.
The treasure chest thingy… what good is it to get the notification in the game that it is there for the next 24 hours, but when one FINALLY spawns within a 5km radius of where you live, it has a 6 minute timer???

I will still play the game, but I will not pay the game - Fix these issues, make VIP actually have WORTH, then we can talk about it.

Still not worth the monthly subscription

Once you lose it you realize how important is was. Like how you reach coin limits in half the time and you don’t need to worry about running out of darts.

You will be back.



it’s mainly for the enhanced battery. if you play regularly, you get way more than $10 worth of DNA, and it’s from dinos you want/need instead of gambling on incubators. drone range shouldn’t matter, because you are wasting battery anyways if you aren’t getting as close to it as you can. it’s just nice sometimes to be able to dart stuff without leaving your house.

it should however prevent dinos from escaping, give you a free VIP incubator every 6 hours and maybe like a rare incubator or something once a month.


The game uses AR+ And AR Core. AR+(iPhone 6s and above) AR Core is only available on a few select Android devices. Sure AR works on all phones with Gyroscope but that is the basic AR which PoGo uses as well as AR+ but, JWA doesn’t use it.

The other note is I have VIP and I find it really useful and I get more than my monies worth.


It may not seem it but the VIP is actually worth it.

  1. The extra range is arguable but I think it’s the main reason to have it. Gives you more reach perhaps to a dinosaur you couldn’t get to by walking (private property in the way…etc). Plus, for me, it means I can sit in bed playing for a bit before I go to sleep. :slight_smile:

  2. £8.99 GBP a month is nothing. I am used to subscribing to fortnightly magazines that are more than that per issue.

  3. It does have glitches and slowly Ludia are working on them. It’s all in the background where you and I don’t see it.

  4. The lack of AR is a nuisance, especially as I upgraded to my current phone at the start of the year. Had I known I would have gone for a better phone. I do think that Ludia could update so that we could still take AR photos but without the fancy 3D move around the dinosaur stuff.

  5. Without new content the game will go the way of the dinosaurs. Games that fail to release new and regular content will lose players.

  6. This I can fully agree with. It’s a damn nuisance and is something Ludia need to fix.


I quit VIP last month. I am still not back. Just can’t find enough reasons to rejoin VIP.


I’m the same. It’ll take a little more benefit to get me back. I work on a supply drop and I’m also driving around a lot for work. There really isn’t much benefit for me. If I wanted to only play from my couch, I could see the benefits but part of these games are (for me) incentive to get off my butt anyway so…


The glitches are slowly getting worse and worse. Just yesterday my map screen started blanking out for several seconds. Never did that before.

Where in the past I could at least walk and play without GPS freeze ups. Now just waking my GPS gets stuck and I’m constantly having to kill and reload the game.

I like playing the game but this is the worst piece of crap app I’ve ever put on my phone. I think Ludia could afford to hire some REAL programmers.


That’s pretty unfair to say about a relatively new game. Honestly, PoGo sucked for a long time after the release because of bugs. If you wanted perfect, you’d still be waiting for this game to come out (or any game). Every patch this game gets better. Games are released buggy because they cost a fortune to make, and you have to start recouping some of that cost asap, or there is no game. As a developer myself, I completely understand. If I could write a single line of perfect code per day, every day, it would take me 27397.26 years to produce the equivalent bug free version of this game (assuming 10 million lines of code).


look at all your dino DNA. imagine if you had 33% more of it. if that seems like a deal then VIP is totally worth it. if not, then it’s not for you.


The problem with too much DNA. I can’t afford to level everything.

I have 92 different dinosaurs and 66 could use leveling up. Most the ones that don’t need leveling are my main team and their components.


im still vip and get 100m extra range not 50m, its worth it for me as i stick to routes on the way to work and having 200m range plus extra battery is awesome for me. also get more things from suppy drops, i feel they do care as i was finally given 16k worth of cash that was not paid out via tapjoy offers so i was happy. the game is awesome and worth the money


Orion, what the heck are you using your coins on? Level 6 Dino’s?


Not agree. After I stopped last month, I don’t find any reason to rejoin it. Just a little more walking and concentrating to darts can overcome it. Still no worth even though the subscription fee is just my one or two days lunch.


Is it unfair to address bugs that have been there since release, and have not been ironed out? Perhaps.

But the fact is Ludia do not even address them. Instead focusing on geolocation cheaters who have to turn themselves in? - Swing the banhammer if you have proof people cheated, don’t give them a grace period to have their accounts reset. And “Please let us know if you cheated”??? really?
But, I digress.

Anyway: It should be fair to expect that some truly horrendous bugs, that leave the game unplayable for some people, are fixed asap. The main complaint I see about JWA, are the multitude of bugs, and some of them even getting worse once new content is released is detriment to the whole point of releasing new content. - Fix the bug, and don’t do it in the dark. Let players know you are actively working on things, and what things you have “discovered” and are fixing. Don’t let the players spend hours trying to explain a bug and then simply state “We are actively working on…” when in fact it is by now sadly obvious that the work is not a priority, given that all priority is on adding content.

This isn’t a case of “If it works, don’t fix it” - Because it doesn’t work, as is obvious in the multitude of complaints from users here on the forums.
Personally I would rather have the team making the game as bug free as possible, before they begin adding whole new layers of gameplay. The reason for that is simple:

"Is Jurassic World Alive any good?
“Sure, there is a ton of content, but be prepared for a ton of bugs that have been there since release, and have no timeframe of even being addressed by the devs. You’ll need to get a new phone if you want AR too, the one you got from last year won’t work because they use 3rd party software for it instead of the basic AR. Oh, and if you cheat don’t worry, unless you turn yourself in, they won’t really do anything, so it is a cheater’s haven.”
“Nah, I think I will pass then, perhaps give that Pokémon game a spin.”

Get my drift?


Me and the wife canceled ours too. Same reasons. The game content is simply not worth it. Bugs bugs bugs…


I cannot speak for anyone other my own experiences but I have never experienced any of the bugs that have been raised since the game was released. The only problem I have ever had have been a case of still waiting for an opponent in the Arena but the battle is actually playing out just without my involvement.

But I don’t know. Everyone is going to have different experiences and maybe it is the app but sometimes I wonder whether the make/model/age of phone makes a difference and whether the signal is good/bad.


Well said. I too have experienced ALL the issues that have stated and will definitely be canceling my VIP status as well. :+1:t3:


Dropping it myself, not worth it.
I can walk 50 meters.
Everything is still “just” outside of range when you open the game.
The extra battery life is good.
Extra range? Not worth paying for.
That one “free” incubator was cool, but hardly worth committing for a monthly payment.
The “exclusive” deals in the store? We get the “opportunity” to buy an incubator for a ridiculous price.