VIP cancelled


Just cancelled my VIP as still only getting 10-20 notes per day. I do around 50 drops per day and would have thought I would max the notes each day but no. Cheaper to buy notes with cash than rely on drops with VIP subscription. The extra range is good but as the game is reliant on walking then I will just have to walk a bit closer…

VIP Membership

Dont buy anything…you’re still supporting thier greed.


look bud, companys like this start an game, but to create that with permission from universoul they have to pay, alot, the longer you wait for it the longer it takes, by buying something gives them money to pay the game and all so i say, in a few months expect to see more of vip. plus this game is like fairly new so it has a LONG way to go


Will I started with VIP today and I maxed my cash for the day by about 9.30am.


Excellent, how many spins?


How to cancel vip profile?


With a support like this, with such indifference to player’s problems, glitches, bugs and cheaters, this game will die in couple of months.


I’m fairly pleased with the VIP. It gives me a farther range near my home to reach several supply drops. I don’t have the time to walk all over town so this works out fine for me. Plus, if you like a game, it’s always good to throw some support back at the developers to make it better. On Free games, you get what you paid for…


Anyone else cancelling VIP? I kind of feel like an epic incubator or $9.99 worth of in-game cash each month should go along with the “membership”.


I was considering cancelling. Also thought there might be an awesome “come back to us” offer if I did lol


I’m with the trend. I cancelled today after I realized I basically got no perks for subscribing. If they’re getting $10/month they could at least fork out an incubator or in game cash. The so called extra range does me no good as I live in the country with very little close by. It’s not convenient to drive to town every day just to go to the parks.


Hopefully they will add more VIP perks. The game is only a little over a month old. They are probably making the game and updating the game their main goal right now and instead of doing VIP perks. I do agree with you that they need to offer their VIP members more than just the distance increas.