VIP Card prizes?

Ludia isnt this wrong?

(screenshot from driend with permision)


Even the super rare one has a better prize but it costs real money that I would not recommend to spend it on prize drops

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I even made a video about it :

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Am I missing something? VIP card packs have always been 1 percent on the last column, nothing new here


I think They are talking about the giga


Yes the 5% card is incorrect, now the question is how fast will they fix it. I know they can fix this real time in the game because when in the past it has been something to benefit players it has been fixed within the hour (I have seen cards for 150,000 DNA get switched to food almost as soon as they were notified of the issue)

So @Keith, @Daven, @Davy, @Ned lets see that magic work when this error getting fixed just as fast.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen rare creatures on the 5 percent before, or at least x2 rare. The gigas dna value is at least better than the mr dna statues offered on this column, they might come back and say no error, either that or hopefully it gets switched with entelodon or sarkastodon which are extremely rare to come by.


For this day on that prize drop ticket slot it’s an error, or they are breaking from what they have done for the last 3 years on their schedule of the prize drop. It should either be a legendary creature or a tournament creature.


Sadly this shows a very poor stance of priorities at Ludia…

It’s been more than 13 hours since forum folks were notified and yet…


Let’s wait for the next prize drop

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Posted this in Glitch Thread as well….

I didn’t put it in hatchery yet, waiting to see if this was intentional or is there compensation for this.

Hi Smilodon,
From what the team has said, I believe it was intentional.


Ah no problem @Keith
I already traded it for food anyway

That is really sad if this is the case, why would something that has been a tournament or legendary creature prize for the last 3 years be down graded all the way to a rare and a base rare not even a hybrid and a single copy of one? I would ask that the “team” re evaluate if this is indeed the path they are choosing and if this is really the path from a value standpoint it should be x 5-10 copies from a DNA value to replace the Tournament creature that would typically be won.

The lower value tickets offer rares as the reward throughout the week and some offer double rares on this same 5% slot.


I agree with you @Sionsith, as a VIP member I feel this is extremely weird to me. It may help for early game players who need those counterparts for their hybrids, but soon the VIP rare events will probably end up giving more than the prize drop.

What I would suggest @Keith , is Sionsith’s idea above if the team decides to head in this direction. I would also like certain “locked” super rare creatures (e.g. Sarkastodon, Leptocleidus, etc ) to appear aswell as these are hard to come by in prize drop, if they do it’s in the second column

This is an example of what I mean when it seems extremely out of balance which leads me down the error path…

Today on this prize drop ticket slot:

Here are the projected potential prizes:

Notice in the same 5% slot as the VIP ticket purchases this thread was started about today for a small amount of DNA you get a chance at winning 2x of a rare creature.

So for a lower cost and a ticket slot that is not exclusive you have the chance at winning 2x rare creatures versus the exclusive more expensive LP tickets where you get a chance at winning a single rare? It really makes it seem like it was an error based on the imbalance of reward.

Again I am hopeful that Sunday’s prize drop won’t be a repeat of this imbalance.


Oh yes forgot to share this with y’all…I myself forgot to post this yesterday
In the 4th Prize Drop, it seems to be a VIP which should be a tournament, I’ve never seen this before in weekday prize drops FYI