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VIP cards for Challenges are tied to which reward you pick

The UI design for this game has a lot room for improvement.

I’ve been documenting the VIP card drop rate for a side project and so I’ve been collecting screenshots of challenge dice results when I noticed something interesting:

Take a close look at the three choices. The 19 roll is the obvious choice right? Collect it and move on.

Now take a closer look at the 3 roll. You’ll see that there’s another card behind the 3 roll. That’s the indication that the 3 roll includes a VIP card drop if you choose it.

If you pick the 19, you won’t get the VIP card and if you pick the 3, you will.

For nonsubscribers it doesn’t matter, but if you’re VIP then it may influence your decision on which reward to pick.

It would be nice if the designers either made it more obvious that there is a VIP card to go along with a particular reward selection or if the VIP card drop is not associated with the reward selection at all.

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Hmmm interesting… so I am assuming you picked the 3 and not the 19 and that’s how you know for sure it is a vip card? If so have you ever seen that and not picked the card?

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The VIP card is always money or gems. The amount varies but is higher based on the harder challenge.

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I has not noticed this. Thanks for the info.

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