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VIP cost increase ... seriously!

So with all the constant bugs, glitches, you name it … to get a message saying VIP costs are going from £8.49 per month to £9.99 per month! Seriously Ludia, an approx 18% increase in price!! Given that the game has so many issues what justification have you got for this increase?


It increased 2 euros here wich is sad because i purchased my first ever vip last month.

My vip subscription hasn’t increased. It costs the same as before update 2.9

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It’s increasing in September.

Alright then gotta check in September

yup it got increased i was sad :cry:

The problem isnt Ludia this is for Google tasses that increase the cost.
The Real problem are Google Play or App Store

The cost depends country and your store

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It’s the same cost in all play stores lol.

Mine went down in price by £8.49

Some players are getting 250 cash due to a “mistake” showing a price raise.

Either Ludia has taken two weeks to listen and fix it or they’ve back tracked and lied. Neither is good.