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VIP custom trade and support!

I have VIP subscription for over 2 years ! I have been you loyal customer! Since you started changing customs trade number I have got 1 customs trade instead of 3 , since end of July ! I have missed on about 90!!! customs trade! My multiple support requests do nothing ! Why you treat your customers so badly !!!


Not sure why it happens, but it seems to be most common on Apple devices. Make sure you are logged into the game when the custom trades reset. You should get three then

For one and half month I have bee loging all time including when it resets … yes I have iPhone same as for last 2 years with subscription, but this issue started only recently after Ludia started playing with customs trade number

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What is a custom trade?? I am a VIP too.

It is one of three trades possibilities you get every day at the trade harbor where you can choose what you want to trade.

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Oh dear… i don’t even know what is trade harbour. Do you mind telling me where I can find this?

image Tap on the two boats docked on the shore and trade harbor will pop up. For you to trade some of your resources for other resources. But beware bad trades. There’s another thread on which we have lots of fun joking about the injustice. :sunglasses:


There’s a certain level you must be to use the trade harbor, so if you’re a new player it may not work, yet

Yes, but I don’t remember which level it was. Maybe if you tap on the boats they will tell you when it is available.

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I think level 30 or 28

Hey Azzazell, if you had already been in contact with our team, could you send me a private message on the forum of your support key so I could check on this for you? Thanks!

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Many month has passed , game update. IOS update but issue is still there I have 1 custom trade a day !!!

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Same… it’s absolutely INEXCUSABLE that they have not fixed this, while also doing NOTHING to compensate those of us that have paid for a VIP membership and yet are NOT getting the custom trades that are part of what we paid for. What they are doing is essentially illegal breach of contract… which they know they can get away with since not attorney general would take a case for relatively small amounts of money. But doesn’t make it any less wrong what they are doing.


It is most probably that Ludia is not able to distinguish VIPs from non VIPs in custom trades in a reliable way.
I would now also assume that they are not able to solve this issue.
Instead of treating VIPs like non VIPs they should go the opposite way and grant 3 free trades for all players…if they are able and willing to do this.

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Tommi I understand what you are saying but think about it we don’t want to give up another vip only three trades as a vip member we need more to go our way so at least a vip membership means something just my opinion

Ludia Higher-Up:

“Forum posts don’t work on me! Only money!”


As long as the cash flow keeps coming in, Watto is unlikely to bother with any loose screws.


But there are VIPs that are affected!
It could be you or me as well.

Does it affect your gameplay in any way when non VIPs would get the benefit of three trades if it helps our fellow VIPs who suffer from this issue for months now?

This is my opinion although I am not affected.

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How much I missed your comments enriched with those beautiful quotations.


I agree with you. I think it’s quite stinky and yet another reason why I am not, and very likely will never be, a VIP member. Unfortunately, things are unlikely to change so long as people are still willing to pay for a lesser product (namely, people continue their subscription even though they only get one trade a day). I hope I’m wrong.

If I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated, and they started sending me only black-and-white issues by accident, and they didn’t send me color ones, but I kept my subscription anyway (however much I complained to customer service), well, it’s not likely that SI is going to fix the issue, since they’re still getting money from me.


First, since this is specifically an iOS issue, but works fine on Android, I just don’t buy that it’s not fixable. Besides the fact that there are VERY few bugs that are completely unfixable, there are so many other areas that they leave unfixed that should be such relatively minor things to fix. Dealing with bugs that are platform-dependent is a programmer’s life today. If I told my clients “sorry, I can’t get your website to work on IE… but it runs great on Chrome!” I’d be out of a job!

Totally agree with Han, that they do this, because they know they can get away with it and at least most VIPs will keep paying. In my case though, I’m stuck because I paid for a year membership up-front, so that’s the one thing I really warn players never, ever to do. The only feedback that they care about is if you drop the membership… which they have tried to make as painful as possible via how the DNA building works. But there comes a point where that kind of manipulation of players will not be enough to balance out the mistreatment of them.