VIP Custom Trades Bug

Thought I’d start a new track for this since I keep getting hit by this bug which Ludia CONTINUES to ignore and leave unfixed. It is absolutely maddening, that we are PAYING for this membership and they have let this bug go on for weeks and weeks now, resulting in PAYING customers not getting the benefits they are PAYING for!!! How many times do I have to put in tickets for them to get the point and FIX IT!!!

@Ned - Do you not have ANYONE over there capable of fixing this bug that is costing VIPs custom trades???


That could not have come at a worse time, was hoping to make it to 10K before this points special runs out and lost at least 500 points (typically a bit more) to this darn bug! The PvP prize wheel has NOT been kind to me today, just keep getting food and coins and common dinos. Only LP prizes have been a couple 50 pointers. Sigh.

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I haven’t heard of this for so long that I thought it was fixed. Lucky me, I do not have it, ignoring apple products seems to be a wise decision sometimes.
You are right. Not solving this issue for such a long time is unacceptable. They should give all of those who are affected a very big compensation at least and an apology.


Luckily I only had it the one time (hope I am not jinxing myself) and so far has not come back sense.

@Mary_Jo it’s just annoying, isn’t it?
I hope that I’ll never have bugs like that, because Ludia Support’s replies, when you contact them, seem to sound like “We don’t care, leave us alone”

It’s just unbelieveable how Ludia Support ‘helps’ their loyal players.We pay money for this game (Before I downloaded the Game, I’ve never purchased something in a game before)
and you don’t help fo fix little bugs!

When I’ld have bugs like yours, I’ll never contact Ludia support…

Yeah, their last reply to my complaint about it said “thanks for your opinion”. Opinion!!! It’s a freaking bug!!! There’s no “opinion” about it, it’s a FACT that this is a BUG and it is COSTING me custom trades that I am PAYING for. The speed at which they fix things that BENEFIT the players and then month after month ignore these kinds of things is just absolutely maddening… and should be unacceptable to any company that actually cared about their customers experience.

What’s frustrating is that I do only experience it on my iOS device, my iPad, so if I remember to not use it until after the custom trades have refreshed, I’m okay. The problem is the Code 19’s refresh less than an hour before my custom trades do… and I am only successful with those on my iPad. So I’m having to try and monitor the time enough to be able to get the Code 19’s done and log off my iPad before the trades refresh… and during the week when I’m working during the day it just really is hard to pay that close attention to what time it is… which is what got me today.

At least I did finally hit enough points rewards to get my next 10K pack. Just wish it hadn’t been another Eudimorphodon… not that I can’t still use it, but I have so many of them now, it’s the only VIP I’ve evolved above a lvl 20. While I still have only managed to get a single Hyaenodon.

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Hey Mary_Jo, I can definitely understand your frustration. All I’m able to say right now is that our team is still actively looking into this issue to try and find a solution.

Wow, did I just get a NASTY response to my last report on this issue, telling me to stop spamming their support system, that they would not be able to offer me any more “assistance” on this issue (what assistance??? Telling me they are “aware” of it is NOT assistance) and that they’ve already explained their “stance” on it (also false… their “stance” seems to be we’ll leave this problem in place as long as we feel like it and you VIPs effected by it can just continue to get screwed.) Yet again, a total failure on how to do customer support from Ludia.


Vote with your feet when you can.

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Unfortunately as a new player I fell for their 1-year membership offer, not realizing that they could and would make so many negative changes to the game in the intervening months. Quitting would feel like letting them win by getting my money for nothing.

Aren’t you almost done with your 1-year? Another 2 months? On the bright side, at least these negatives didn’t show up right after you had renewed.

No only about halfway through it. And these changes started only about 2 months into it (I consider mods the first update clearly meant to suck away DBs).

I thought you stated last November or something, hence my 2-months comment. Well, it’s been less than 18 months for me, but that plateau feeling is already upon me, and not just recently.

No, I started playing in late March of this year and did the yearly membership sometime in April or May as I had tried it for a month and got the offer when I initially didn’t renew it.

Logging a comment here to signify this hit my account today. I already submitted a new ticket for this occurrence.

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Yup, I got hit yesterday. Still not fixed. Ludia apparently is more focused on making game changes than fixing existing bugs. I’ll be curious what response to your ticket you get. They were incredibly rude to me for submitting multiple reports on this bug.

I got hit today with only one trade. :rage:

Got nailed myself today as well. It was not the typical issue though, as I did have the game open, on my Android phone no less, and knew the refresh was coming soon, but it didn’t show ANY number of trades, it showed the hourglass, but clearly trades were available. I had a bad feeling, and sure enough, after doing the first one, it didn’t allow me to make any more trades for the day. Sigh.

Coming up on 4 months since I opened this track, and I know that the issue had been around already for MONTHS when I started it. Really says a lot about how little Ludia cares about fixing it and providing VIPs with all the perks we are actually paying REAL money for that they have let this go SO long without fixing it.

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Sadly I was hit today with the bug again, it has been a couple of months since I got hit, which is nice, but it would be nice if this was no longer a thing.


I’m right now at the point that my custom trades roll over around the same time that the Code 19s for the day activate… which always makes it much easier for me to mess up and use my iPad (which I prefer for the Code 19s) before I pick up my custom trades and get hit by the bug. Would be really nice to not have to worry about it so much!