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VIP custom trades reduced

Figured I’d give this its own topic.

There have been several people who have reported that the normal 3 per day custom trades that VIP members pay for (this is an important point) have been reduced to 2. There was no announcement and thus far I have seen no response from Ludia on the forum nor to my email.

This is unacceptable.


Have we verified it wasn’t just once? My trades for today haven’t come around again yet. Totally agree that it’s unacceptable if this is not just an accidental mistake.

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I’m hoping it was just a mistake. Maybe tied to the new daily mission start time they’ve warned us about. Still its been nearly a full day since my initial post with no acknowledgement. Regardless of the cause that isn’t good in my book.

It was two for me today. I was confused.

Right, wrong, or other, it’s a rare occurrence when you get more than an automated response from Ludia’s support inside of a week. Once they get around to it, my dealings with them are positive. That said, it’s going to take a week

Day 2 with only 2 custom trades

It’s not a bug; it’s a feature

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@Ned Is this true? Have you all reduced the benefits of a VIP membership?


What luck, I just got an email from ludia asking me to rate their customer service…

I only got 2 today also. Looks like that is the new standard

For reference it was added a year ago… [Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #22

The custom trade option did not exist before this time period. I am okay with it being reduced if the trade harbor itself becomes more balanced and not so price gouging or the trades in the harbor refresh faster. The custom trades was a way for me to unload large amounts of coins for high end creatures or a way to attempt to build DB I order to spend them else where in the game. While the feature was added only a year ago it seems like it has always been there and it is now part of daily playing.


Seems like another example of something that helped players being taken away…paying players. For me (other too I believe) this is taking away roughly 200 dbucks or 300 loyalty (loyalty should flow in both directions) points per day by losing this trade.


Well Ludia should also reduce the VIP fees then.

I hope it’s just a bug and Ludia will send a compensation, otherwise it’s just a bad business decision.
The third trade a isn’t a huge incentive for us and isn’t hurting Ludia either, not worth to take it away and piss everybody off IMO

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If the trade harbor gets some sanity to it fine. I personally haven’t seen an apato trade for anything but coins since this started. Get rid of the trades for non-vip buildings, common mods and coins these things are easy to get. DNA, dbucks, loyalty points and higher end/ VIP creature trades would be great and would help us out. Even food trades would add value for players. I can’t even figure how many millions of food I’ve traded for.

That or make up the difference some other way. Lower cost dinos, reduced hatching or cooldown times, bump the LP multiplier up, allow us to increase our food production facility up another level, and so on.

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Seems to be done on purpose, I too had only two trades for the second time now.
@Paderborn1907 and @Sionsith: They should reduce the fee or make the trade harbor more balanced. Good joke, this is nothing more than wishful thinking and never going go happen.
I agree with @Paderborn1907 that this additional trade isn’t hurting them, so why do they risk (once again) to disappoint us.
They could think of adding an additional trade as reward for a Code 19 as replacement for XPs.

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@Tommi sometimes it’s good to dream :slight_smile:

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I noticed as well that decent trades for the apato have disappeared as well. It’s been a struggle to find ANY trades worth doing, so losing that custom one definitely hurts me a LOT.

And yeah, I am baffled at the things Ludia keeps doing that hurt players particularly VIPs. The simple fact is that players that don’t want to pay to play are not going to be bullied into it by making the game harder. We’re just going to get so annoyed we quit and take our monthly VIP fees to a different game that treats us better.

I got one today for the apato for 472 DB if I remember correctly, but mostly they have been trades for ~1 mil food.

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Offers from the trader? That’s good to know. Not sure why mine have completely dried up, I usually get at least one food offer a day as long as I have a nice stash of the fossil, but of course since I’m really low on food, it’s being really stingy and haven’t seen any offers in a couple days at least.

Has anyone seen any kind of announcement, response or posting from Ludia on this via email or facebook? There is nothing on the forum.

It is intentional. I don’t have vip, and the area that tells me about the extra vip trades says only 2.