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VIP custom trades

Anyone having problems with the custom trades? I (apparently stupidly) am paying for vip yet this morning I only got one custom trade. Nothing else now for 24 hours. Since when dont we get 3? Was VIP just nerfed again one of our supposed benefits or is it just my account?

It’s a bug report it to the support group.

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This seems to especially happen on Apple products. If you are logged in on the game when the custom trades reset, you get all three. If you are not, you get one

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whats odd is it is not a standard repeatable item, I had it happen 2 times but I have not had it happen for quite some time. I hope I am not jinxing my self.

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It definitely happens for me if I don’t watch which device I use to access the trade harbor when the custom trades refresh. Although earlier this week I did mess up and used my iPad… and still got 3 trades… first time that’s happen since this bug showed up. Somehow I doubt it is fixed though, I may just have gotten lucky and somehow hit whatever causes it to refresh properly.

I can confirm…definitely still NOT fixed. Ludia just doesn’t care if VIPs get screwed constantly with this bug, they have had AMPLE time to fix this if they DID care, but just continue to give lame excuses about “looking into it”. Frankly, they should get sued for breach of contract, because they are NOT providing the benefits we were promised. But since that’s not feasible to do, the best we can do is not continue to pay for VIP memberships and warn other players off of paying for them as well (at best, you could try to get a refund for it if you paid via credit card, or Google Pay, etc.). Most especially, I tell players to NEVER do the yearly membership like I did, seeing as they have in the past just taken away benefits at a whim, or in this case, or the issue with the packs on the Infinity battle, never fix bugs that result in VIPs not getting the benefits they have paid for.