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VIP Dinos

Is there a way to tell on the card that a Dino is VIP? My hatchery line is rather long and I just assumed the ones on the end were going to take forever to hatch and I kept putting it off. Lo and behold, it didn’t take long at all because it was VIP. I don’t remember where I acquired every Dino; so is there a list or something?

VIP dino cards have a white glow background. They should be the last on the list of your owned dinos to hatch, and they all take 6 hours each. Right before them on the list there’ll be the tournaments, which all take 7 days and have a glowing multi-coloured background.

Thank you!

Duh, I forgot I could give you a screenshot. Those Prestosuchus on the far right are VIPs:

@Lifa Depending on your hatchery they are not Guaranteed to be at the end, if you have any creature that costs more than 10k DNA your VIP creatures will be before that if you have it sorted by DNA cost. But yes they look like what @Joao_Bento has posted up above.

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Also look for the thread on the Dino Spreadsheet… you can always refer to that for which ones are VIPs and will give you hatch times on everything. Lots of help for planning your hatchery.


Thank you.

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