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VIP Discount - 30% Off Land Dinos

Looks like VIPs have a couple of hours to shop the market with 30% off all land dinos, which is cool! :sunglasses:

Question for @Keith or another Ludia representative - will this 30% offer be extended to 24 hours and is this as much discount on dinos as we can expect to see for this week? I would hate to splash out a huge amount of DNA only to find out that there is a 40% or 50% discount on all creatures coming up in the next few days…


Hello hmjnewman,
Today VIP have 30% off the Land Dinosaurs, It is the only day planned for VIP to get 30% off of Land Dinosaurs. On other days we maybe giving a discount on other types of creatures.


Hi @Keith - thank you for the quick reply and for clarifying the offer :slight_smile:

Going to have some fun in the market place now :metal:

What about “Hybrids”? I’m guessing the next two days will be Fish and Ceno? (So, today at 30% off land hybrids is the way to go?)

Do the events end Friday? (I’m guessing week is weekdays, right?)

And does the 4x LP points end Sunday (early Monday morning)?

Sorry for all of the questions.

The week includes the weekend :slight_smile: What they are you will have to wait and see :smiley:


Cruel to be kind?


I was about to blow all of my DNA today and now I’m scared.

Edit: in case you need any ideas, I suggest you do 50% off 10K Solid Gold packs at some point. (I know, I’m dreaming.)

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I just noticed the 20K VIP pack is currently 15% off at 17K. If you need a concavenator, buy now! (It is the same dino for all of us at the sametime, right? Is there a 20K or 50K schedule?)

Some folk seem to really want to shake their Christmas presents to guess. :smile:

Hopefully there will be a discount for the Solid Gold packs as well.

The other day, the VIP building pack for 4,000 was discounted as well.

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