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VIP epic incubator

So been playing for a month now and joined up for VIP access within days, got an epic incubator for joining. I thought they give it monthly but it doesn’t seem to be that way? So if I want a monthly one I’d need to unsubscribe and renew the subscription manually again?

No, it is only one time. I have bought vip, but now when it’s ended, it doesn’t give it!

Ah crap! I thought it was a monthly reward for renewing…so sad now.

yeah… not necessarily an incubator every month… but something more than the battery would be nice… the premium incubator is just too damn expensive considering I’m already paying for the membership…

Agreed, I’ve bought a couple of premiums but I’m scared to buy them and get thousands of absolute crap DNA because the more I play the more ‘focused’ I’m becoming on hunting for DNA that is more useful to build Legendary and Unique dinosaurs in the long run…so there’s loads of dinos that are simply useless to me.

Hahaha hahaha!
Oh man, we all fell for the same trap.

Yeah, great incubator, one time. You don’t even get it again if you cancel and rejoin.

This really needs to change, not much value in VIP.
Me? I cancelled yet again.

I wonder if you have 2 Google accounts on your phone. And change the vip to the other account if you would get an epic incubator again

Vip membership is checked by the owner of the phone google account. Any secondary accounts created on the same device also have vip and get the one time incubator.

Well I’ll likely cancel my VIP subscription soon then cuz you’re right…no real value in it that makes it worth it in my opinion, the epic incubator did.

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I created my second Google account on a seperate phone with its own phone number and all. So I wonder if I removed vip on my phone then reactivated it on my other phone if I would get the incubator again

Not on the same JWA account. You can get it on separate accounts with one VIP.

Ah figured so never tried.
Better if they just make vip more worth while. Everyone seems to be on the same page of it not being worth it.
At least make the range 300m. So can dart what can see on map. Might make spoofing not seem as appealing this way also