VIP Event Bug - Unable to Load Room 9

On 2 of my 4 attempts to complete the current VIP event were unsuccessful as the app is unable to load the 9th room. The load screen remains in place for minutes without generating the room. After waiting an extended period I close and reload the app. At this point I was presented the usual challenge reboot window. However, upon selecting ‘Continue’ the app performs another unsuccessful and endless attempt to load of the 9th room. Further attempts to reboot the room fail.

Unfortunately I cannot report this bug through usual channels due to an outstanding ticket.

This bug has cost me 70 gems and the rewards from the completion of 2 secret rooms. I expect to get compensated for my loss. Please advise on what i can do. @john, @ned, any suggestions on how I proceed at this point?

Hey Orloch, I’m sorry to hear that happened with your VIP challenge, and our team would be happy to take a closer look for you.

If your previous ticket was for a separate issue, it shouldn’t get affected if you reach out to our support team again.

Thanks for your assistance @Ned,

However, based on previous discussions with support staff I am concerned that contacting support about this issue will void my unresolved ticket. If you can confirm the initial ticket will not be voided I will reach out to support for this issue.

I’m not really sure what the previous discussions were. However, if the issues are separate/different, the ticket will be responded to once our team gets a chance to see it.

I hope that can clear things up a bit, Orloch.

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Thanks @Ned,

I have submitted the issue to the support team for assistance.

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