VIP Extra’s


I bought my VIP 1 month ago and got an extra incubator, I got my new VIP arrangement today and I didn’t receive the incubator this time. I heard you normally get it every month, or is this just a made up story?


You only get a free incubator when you sign up, not every month, sadly :neutral_face:


Well… That free incubator was literally the only thing that made VIP worth it. Cancelling my subscription now.


Was hoping (but not expecting) you’d get one every month. Will be cancelling now it’s confirmed, thanks.


That’s asking way too much of Ludia


What if you don’t renew but buy it a day after then?:thinking:


I’m hoping it’s something they are considering at least, not worth a VIP subscription without it.


One player cancelled then resubbed. He reported no new incubator…


You will only get an incubator on your first sub, one for each account, no point trying to cancel then resub, That won’t work.