VIP feels pretty worthless


When I first bought VIP I thought there were going to be some continuing benefits, and in reality it feels very lack luster, and not worth it at all.

10$ a month is fine. But all you are getting is a one time reward. And some crates that don’t give much more then the normal ones. The extra range and battery isn’t really that noticeable either.
I feel we should atleast get a VIP incubator at least once a week or something.

The premium incubator is 5000 cash.

That’s alot of cash and cost more then an epic and rare.

5000 cash would cost me 50$ just to be able to get one.

And since from my understanding we are limited to only 50 cash a day from the supply crates even after a month of playing every day we would still not have saved enough to even get 1 incubator.

I know cash comes from battles too but not alot of us have much time to play when we work hence why I bought the vip, to help me along.

Anyways I really think vip needs an adjustment, because at this point I dont really see a reason for me to renew next month.


VIP(epic) incubator once a week … Hahahahaha OMG man you are funny :slight_smile:


What’s so funny about that? I know im not the only person that feels like VIP is seriously lacking in rewards.

Its no sweat off my balls, if things don’t change I’ll just take money else where. Its really no biggie to me at all.

All I’m saying is for 10$ a month for a mobile game the rewards you get compared to other games are very bad.

At this point it’s already pay to win. People won’t continue with this if reward does not outweight the cost.

But by all means continue to mock those that want to see the game succeed and provide suggestions to make it better.


an epic incubator seems a little bit OP, i would like to see another crate like that is between a standard and an rare incubator per day. not to much but still decent.


Exactly, I guess I should of been more clear, I was using the epic as an example.

But something in between would be nice, hell even a free rare once a week would be nice as well.