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VIP Food Factory

So looking at it from the outside, I guess the red stuff makes meat and the green stuff makes veggies, still, I’m a bit weirded out how it works.

I’m enjoying this new feature, as right now it makes 100,000 food for me, and takes zero coins. Well done Ludia!


I think this VIP Food Factory is quite bad. You just earn 1/3 of your normal food farm. But since it is just an addition to the VIP membership it is well done! Although it is not much food it is still food.

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But it’s upgradeable and it’s bonus to the other food center, so you can’t complain too much


Okay,It will improve with upgrades.

I mostly see it just as a stepping off to the much more exciting buildings yet to come. It’s not like food is something I struggle at getting in the game.


It’s soylent green an soylent red…


500 bucks are necessary for the upgrade. 300,000 food units per day now and at least 90 days (collects) before the next update.


Level 3 to level 4 was:

Level 4 to level 5 was:

Level 5 to level 6 was:

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The cost definitely caught me off guard this morning when I paid for the upgrade! I’m curious what the max level will be?