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VIP gift pack

Is this right?

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If it is right depends, but I got this too.

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Send in a ticket to support

Did you get loyalty points?

This is what I got:

There was some DNA and food resources as well.

1300 x 4 so I would send in a ticket if you got zero LP for the pack.

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If you’re talking about the VIP gift, yes. I got 5200 points, just like @Sionsith. My son got the same.

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Thanks for the info @Sionsith and @Andy_wan_kenobi. I sent a ticket.

Here I was thinking the 0 LP was intentional. They gave me an apatosaurus.

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Me, too. Glad I asked. I submitted a ticket.

+1 to zero LPs here as well. Submitting a ticket now. Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot since I just figured this might be working as intended. Hope they can see from this Forum that several of us encountered this issue.


I got zero.

Missing out on 5200 LP’s sucks but it’s also not worth putting in a ticket for me. I’ve got 882,668 LP’s stocked up with all the currently available VIP creatures maxed out, so I’ll just take the hit on this one.

On a similar note- Ludia took care of me years ago when I lost significantly more LP’s than this due to a glitch in the Lottery system.

Good luck to those who do submit a ticket on this.


I also get 0

Thanks for reporting this to us, everyone! Our team has been made aware, and they would be happy to look into it.

If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key.