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VIP Hatchery Discount

There is a VIP bonus Hatchery Discount hot time. For the next 45 minutes or so, VIPs get 25% off the hatchery


They extended it another 22 hours. If I had known this…


Wow, 999+ in your market.

I wonder if some of those egg are even viable anymore! :wink:

The only way the 25% off for 24hours can make me sad is if they up it to 40% off tomorrow. Than I’d cry.


Surprise VIP exclusive for 25% off the hatchery right now for another 45minutes.

I’m glad I went to town on my battle stages yesterday. Lots cleared out of my market this morning.

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The sad thing is, I’m using the hatchery discount and trade harbor to lower that amount. Dumping 20 commons or 10 rares for 100 Dinobucks isn’t the worst idea in the world.

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There might be a better deal coming this week:

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And I’ll cry if hatchery goes over 25%. Oh well. Can’t predict tomorrow.

I’ll hit PvP hard for DB tonight.

I’m drooling over your 77K DB up there too.

But the only thing I spend DB on is the hatchery, PvP and Tourneys. (Ok the Easter 75DB Gyro twice too.)

How are you getting those dino for DB offers? Do you just wait until they show up?

I always seem to get offers for dino to coins or food. Rarely DNA. I’ve seen dino for DB maybe 5 times. And I’ve sold maybe 3 of the 5 times too!

Using my custom trades: Jurassic for Cash and then max out the trade


But that is only if you are a fidelity member, right? I’m just VIP.

I’m not Fidelity. I’m VIP like you

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I didn’t know I could do that, I thought DB offers were taken out? Or was that just decorations?

When my 24hours is up tomorrow morning, for once I’ll look around instead of being in a rush.

What if I did coins->jurassic jurassic->DB wouldn’t that net yay DBs?!?

The things you know!

You’re not going to get anything close to worthwhile for high level creatures. Also, individually, you’re not going to get much. It’s only worth it if you can max out the trade: 20 Commons, 10 Rares, 5 Super-rares. Coins for creatures usually gives 1 good creature for a bunch of coins


I have extra coins I don’t know what to do with every other day. (Assume 30 fossils in the bank, no extra land room to make more and 99million coins.)

What is the best value way to burn them off, assuming I don’t have extra hatchery space if I coin->any dino. (I make space when I land on a hybrid though.)

I know some people advise against stockpiling Mods, but as an upcoming player, I would advise you make sure you have a good supply of ones you like to use in case a Mod tournament rears it’s head once again.So,there’s a place to dump coins

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Ok. I have about 140 mods. The last tourney, I battled about 135 times (about 50% wins). So, I’ll aim for 400 mods. Thanks for the advise.

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Just be sure to try and still keep your coins maxxed at the same time. We do on rare occasions see TH offers that will use 99mil coins (often for a pair of hybrids).


You may want more, because there are some Mods more useful than others. You want to have plenty of the Mods you like to use. For example, I like to run either two Berserks behind a Tough Skin or three Intimidations. And Nullifies are always useful, as are most of the super-rare and legendary ones.

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