VIP hate

So no new VIP features or perks with this update? It’s been a while since the VIP members got any type of anything new. Maybe I overlooked a new perk? Would be a great retention idea if they gave VIP a minimum of 12 for fusing instead of 10. It doesn’t over do it.


Or maybe even a 5% less of a chance to fuse 10 would be nice. I’ve been a VIP member for over a year now and definitely feel neglected :sob:


Lots of VIP perks. Now you have the chance to get zero items from drops… and 3 darts from many of them. Guess the non VIP get 1.5 darts…


I think the benefits are good and I want to support the game, but just think how many more people would pay for it if in addition they got an Epic incubator every month when their subscription renewed? :sunglasses:


Yeah that would be nice. We have 3 VIP subscriptions since beta. Everytime I’m about ready to cancel them I just think of the DNA I will be missing during darting and dont…lol

Vip or not came down to a cost \ benefit analysis for me.

Less interest in game.
Less needed Dino’s through dilution
More dependence on boosts

Spotify and always available music and buy some books…

I really love listening to music while I read my new books.

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