VIP help me justify beyond one month


Hi, totally new player here, 3rd day in. I decided to give VIP a try. Sure the epic chest is fine but how can I justify going beyond one month?

The supply drops are not really any better, the 33% drone time is fine too but not enough of a justification. I thought there would be special freebies in the shop, something, anything? Am I missing something?


Yup that’s pretty much all u get


its not worth it, i will end my like one day before since thats all im gonna spend on this game and just play it for fun without spend more money.


It can’t be justified I’m afraid. Mine ended just under a week ago and besides having to walk a little closer to dino spawns it gives no clear return really.

Shame, the community and especially on this forum a lot of people had it and all were frustrated with how little you actually get with VIP bit Ludia didn’t listen and I’m sure they’ve lost a lot of subscribers because of it.


You can cancel at any time and it will stay active until your month is over. You don’t have to worry about waiting until the last day.


Bought it myself, just to test, canceled the sub right away. My biggest issue is the 33% extra drone flight, and the escape wall. The day after my purchase this wall came into the game. Now most of the dinos i try to collect end up escaping whilst my drone is at 30-50% battery left… Happens too often


Shouldn’t support this. It’s half the price of an mmo sub for a phone game. They shouldn’t offer more for the price, they should just keep what they have and drop the price.


I bought it. Liked the one time incubator. The rest is totally not worth the price. I unsubbed. This game is a great concept and a bit of fun, but as players we have to be wary of throwing money at it or nothing will change. Except our wallets. They will be devoid of change.


How do you cancel, I have been looking all morning


If you are using Android, go into your Google Pay account and deselect the renewal option. You will still have the VIP benefit until the pay period expires. I suspect the Apple version of payment (iTunes?) will have a similar function.


Here is why it’s a good deal.

  • Epic incubator is very nice
  • Longer battery…nice, not essential
  • Longer distance…nice, not essential
  • Supply Drops are very nice as you get 3 items, 50% less work to get darts and coins so it saves you time. Plus the daily maximum is increased…you need coins
  • Cash…you are missing the fact that every day with you get 40 cash pretty quick. In a 30-day month that’s 1,200 cash. Or 1,000 if you miss a few days.

So the 1,000 cash costs the same as the monthly subscription. Using cash-to-coins conversion, the extra coins for many are worth the subscription price too. The incubator is worth 1/2 the subscription.

Ends up being worth 2.5 times the cost before considering the drone advantage. And the 3rd supply drop item can save you what??? Certainly 10 or more minutes per day or at least 4 hours per month. I make more that the subscription price at my job in a little less than 4 hours.

All things considered, a great value.


I’m on the fence as well…

I love the app, and want to support it, but I can’t justify the additional $9.99 per month for essentially 50 extra meters and a few extra seconds of battery. The Epic incubator was certainly nice, and maybe should be included as a recurring item on the billing date.

I think if the supply drops were more favorable for VIP subscribers, it could be a game changer. Right now the supply drops are too redundant. It’s almost not even fun opening them… (i.e., getting 25 darts when I am near maxed out at 135/140) I think if the VIP supply dropped provided some incentive, even on like 20-25% of the spins, the membership would be far more exciting. Some examples are hard cash (even small amounts like $1-$5), Common, Rare, Gen 2, Epic, etc… DNA in various amounts, concept art, and similar perks.

Hopefully some changes are made in the near future that will sway my decision to keep the membership!


I think you get an epic incubator each month when renewed. I get $10 cash about every 20 spins.


I thought the cash from spins would be worth it but only hit 20 each day from 50 spins. The spinners shows cash on every spin before VIP so I wrongly assumed you would get cash in every spin till you maxed… Nope… Cancel, not worth it till they change it unless you can do 200 spins per day