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VIP (How to Get More F2P to Sign Up)

VIP should be able to have a place-able personal supply drop that comes with an hourly spawn that only the VIP member can see and spin.

Allowing VIP drops to be shareable with friends could be a draw also. That would be up to Ludia if sharing would be a good idea or not taking account a family that pays for 2 accounts can spin each others drops but this would also be a draw for players to get friends to join and be able to play together and share drops.

For many who don’t have many drops in reach to have a personal one up close and personal to get full rewards from would most likely be worth a subscription.

You take it out of inventory and place it where ever you want and move it to where ever you want simply by re-placing it in a new location. Place it at home, school, work or a restaurants. Basically you can take it with you where ever you go so that you can play and play more.

This is how Ludia could make money with these:

  1. They can sell temporary 24 hour supply drops without spawns.
  2. They can sell temporary 24 hour supply drops with spawns.
  3. They can sell temporary 24 hour PARK supply drops with spawns.
  4. They can sell temporary 24 hour Local Zone Supply drops with spawns.
  5. They can sell temporary 24 hour Event Drops Specifically that will spawn event creatures of the highest rarity that is out during the week. On cross-over days with commons and rares, it would spawn the rare creatures.
  6. They can sell 1 hour supply drops without spawns just like 5 minute scents to use when doing scents to help replenish darts if you don’t have many drops in range.
  7. They can sell a temporary 24 hour 100 meter circular park area with a drop and spawn so you can do scents to get park creatures. This would be the most expensive one. You place the park where you have room to walk around a little and pop scents.

On top of this, they can add 1 hour free place-able supply drops you can obtain out of PvP incubators or other events like scents with a limit of 2 in your inventory unless you have purchased more. The idea of the little free ones is to get players to see an advantaged of having the extra drop and then purchase game cash to buy the 24 hour ones.

(Free and temporary drops would not be able to be moved. They stay where they are placed.)

Of course with all this, if you can have a free supply drop with VIP and then purchase extra ones so you can have 2 or 3 around your home if you so choose. These may be worth it if your needing coins want to hit your daily max or are running scents. These would be great for weekends, rainy days and cold winter weather.

The whole point is giving incentive to get players to buy and spend more game cash to get what we want, need and desire.

I wouldn’t expect these to be cheap. See the prices of the other items they sell. If an epic scent is 1000 cash, I wouldn’t expect any less for a 24 hour drop with spawns and a temporary park with a drop could be more.

Ludia, you need something more for VIP that’s a “gotta have”.


I actually like the idea of a VIP personal drop if it could be implemented

I like everything you said except the price. I would really like to see prices coming down for some of these things. I get it, I’m not complaining at all, I understand it’s a personal decision to spend money. I would really enjoy seeing a price drop though. Not going to highjack your thread. I feel it was really well thought out and written. Well done sir!


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When I saw the news of “new map technology” being implemented, this sort of map customization idea came to mind. Otherwise, why would they need new map tech? I hope this kind of stuff is in the future plans!