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VIP Hybrids


I was thinking that, even though it would be OP, JWTG should add these for example:
Apatocolagreus (Apatosaurus+Tanycolagreus)
Prestolambia (Prestosuchus+Eolambia)
Eudimorphovenator (Eudimorphodon+Concavenator)
Mastodonyx (Mastodonsaurus+Baryonyx)
Hainocanthus ( Hainosaurus+Orthacanthus)
Tylodus (Tylosaurus+Henodus)
Brontosmilus (Brontotherium+Thylacosmilus)


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Touney hybrids are already stupidly OP. We need more actual dinosaurs like Cryolophosaurus or Brachiosaurus IMO.


When compared to other end game hybrids these would not be OP, especially considering a creature like the Indoraptor.

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Why not? A Yudon, (touney+ tourney) is much better than a Priotrodon (Legendary + Legendary) because touneys are better than regulars. Given the difference between VIPs and tourneys, i expect VIP + VIP hybrids to be significantly better than tourney hybrids, wich IMO are already ridiculously OP.


Now, if VIP dinos are now only obtainable using VIP points (and then mostly by chance via packs or lotteries), I don’t see how VIP hybrids would work. Unless a new currency is introduced into the dino marketplace, or else price these VIP dinos using regular dna. That’s a drastic change. Not impossible, but improbable, imho.


VIP creatures can only be obtained through VIP packs, while Tourney hybrids like Yudon, yes you can only get them through tourneys or Clash of Titans, but they take a lot of time to incubate and max out, VIP creatures as so much quicker to incubate and are almost always even stronger than tourney creatures.
I can understand where you’re coming from with the idea. And all due respect for the idea. But unless Ludia works to better balance the game, VIP hybrids would just break the game completely.

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