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VIP improvements

I would be intersted to see what changes to the so called “VIP” package the player base thinks would make it worth while?

In my opinion it is overpriced and anything but a VIP experience at present. When I look at other subscription models and see free chests, gold, unique skins, content etc for the same price its frightening how little value for money it is on JWA.

Other than the obvious “reduce the price” (because, lets face it, you really can’t justify it costing more than a battlenet sub or disney plus lol), what changes do you think would entice more players to subscribe?

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More FIP items, expanded dart capacity, expanded FIP capacity. That’s all I can really think of :thinking:
Even then, it’s still not that great of an improvement.


Perhaps VIP can now include full alliance DNA rewards for lower level players.

Some extra specific scents… Maybe you get two scents that month to summon any specific dino that you already own that is epic or lower. Getting 2 extra attempts at darting would not break the game and it would help add to the value of VIP. The comparison of spending money on $19.99 incubators would make this a better deal. I think just the scents alone would attract many more VIP users.

A park specific spawn scent a month ,

Maybe a VIP exclusive scent that attracts the Hybrid Pursuit creature of that week? Like a generic scent that can be used for any hybrid pursuit, but it attracts that specific creature that week.


Great ideas. They would tempt me to start paying again. Just something that actually makes me feel VIP instead of feeling that it’s not value for money.

Minimum of 15 for fusing. That would be enough to make me happy.


I got one, the Free VIP incubator actually working. Instead of just seeing “Free - Join now” and “unavailable” when you click on it even though you have VIP.

VIP gives you the ability to apply cautious strike to any creature in your arsenal.

mic drop


When we had only 35 members in our alliance, it became really hard to make progress on the alliance rewards.
When you go out and spend hours with darting you will reach all limits (coins, hc, incs) at some point.
From then on it happens very offen that you get nothing from supply drops. So you soon run out of darts. This is annoying and frustrating.

Maybe VIPs (and non VIPs) should always get darts from supply drops. Imho it should not be necessary to buy darts, when you are on the road.

Must admit VIP doesn’t look like value for money, and I’m questioning whether to keep it. I wouldn’t mind if the bugs were ironed out regularly but we still suffer from chat, incubator & battling bugs.

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How about a VIP gets 1 Dino boost reset a month? A VIP can select 1 Dino and reset their boost without losing any.

I mean boosts right now are so final! Once they are on a Dino that’s it. He’s on your team for good. Put boosts on the wrong one…nerf. Wasted boosts. Want to put another Dino on your team…can’t! Don’t have enough boost to make him team worthy.

I’m a VIP($120/yr) and purchase maybe another $10 offer per month. That’s $240/yr on this game!! I know their are whales out there who spend a lot more but for $240 I should not have to be worried about wasted boosts.

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I broke my leg, so got it this month only for the extended range (I can at least get a couple of towers). Already cancelled the renewal.

Yeah, it definitely needs more to justify the $10 cost. I like the boost reset, and Ludia would be smart to do this. Gives them another shot of cash where one doesn’t exist. I like the free monthly incubator idea too.

That’s thinking small. VIP could reset any boosts without the 50% loss. Maybe access to a second no loss option that uses 50 HC to get 100% back