VIP incentive suggestion

More players would be inclined to sign up for VIP if the minimal amount of DNA you can get from fusion was 20 instead of 10. 10 dollars a month is a lot to spend to only get 50m more on range and 33% extra battery. Add a little something that will catch the attention of people who don’t think there’s enough. For VIP players, 20 minimal dna per fusion.


gonna try to bring this back to the top of the attention.


This would entice me to keep my VIP, at the moment I’m looking to cancel it for to lack of communication from Ludia on future ideas regarding the VIP.


I am VIP so it would be great for me. However non paying players would fall miles behind paying players, quickly. If I was F2P I don’t now if I could deal with that.

Edit: Probably also worth adding that this would make many of us hit the top end of the level ceiling fairly soon too.

I’ll bump this idea as good as an incentive that would draw me back to at least buy the VIP despite this app game itself is functionally defunct… does not keep working as intended.