VIP Incubator for subscription renewals?


If i were to not renew my current subscription, and then resubscribe to VIP a few dates after it expires - will i get the Incubator for joining VIP again??


Doubtful, otherwise everyone would be cancelling and resubscribing each month.

I’d like to know as well though.


Anyway, for those 10 bucks it’d be nice to have at least one of those epic incubators each month as long as you’re VIP


I think they should grant them automatically for VIP members every month they remain VIP, no need to cancel and resub.


I already did that and no you do not get a new incubator when resubbing


Well, this means I will never be vip more than one month. It’s almost literally the only thing worthy about being vip…


What I wish is extra DNA for VIP darts, a randomized incubator each month, from rare to unique, and 50 % increase on range opposed to 33% or whatever it is. The duration exra duration I feel is fair. This way 120 dollars a year feels a little more acceptable. This way its not overly crazy for 10 bucks but has that incentive for joining.


IMO getting one for free every month will never happen but how about offering a really reduced Dino cash one every month! 50 to 75 % off would be nice!


I had originally assumed that the incubator was given every month with VIP membership. When I found out it wasn’t, it killed any interest I had in becoming VIP.