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VIP Instant Creation Lab

The VIP Instant Creation Lab is on its way, only three more days before it is activated. I’m very excited to see how it will work.
I assume that we will not have more than one instant fuse per week, but I’m asking myself if we have to use a fuse before another one is available or if we can collect as many fuses as we want.
That would be great, so we could save them for the tough 12 and 24 hours fuses.

It will take a while before we get the next exiting VIP gift. SDNA Production Site and Instant Recovery Lab are nice to have but the next extraordinary thing will be the possibility of instant hatching.


Instant Hatchery will be a great bonus,away from a week of a tournament creature in the hatchery


From the YouTube video Ludia posted when they were first releasing these features it did appear that you could build up “charges” for each of the fuse, cooldown, and hatchery structures.


Yeah I’m excited for this one, the first one that actually offers something really new. Although currently since I’m leaving most of my Jurassics un-leveled up for purposes of Code 19 rewards, this probably isn’t going to be nearly as useful for me as the Instant Hatchery.


Absolutely, but it’s four more months before we get it. Four more months, I’m not sure if the world still exists then.


It does seem like an eternity, doesn’t it?!

I’m sure the world will still be here… just not sure if I will be! (No, I’m not expecting an early demise, you just never know!)


Anybody know how long it will take to get a new charge? Or is it all just speculation right now?

I watched their video again yesterday, they did not mention how long it will take.
My guess is one week.


I am also guessing a week.


Having only one free fuse per week seems to be disappointing in the first place but we need to have a look at the bigger picture.
I think we all agree that we save those fuses for the 8 hours and more ones. Normally I would put them in my second chamber which costs 100 bucks to activate. These 100 bucks can now be saved, there is no need to do the instant fuse in the second chamber. Multiplying it with 52 gives you 5,200 more bucks available within one year.
The same applies for DNA. It is not unusual that three ore more attempts are necessary for long taking fuses resulting in several hundreds DNA we have to invest. If I assume that a long running fuse costs 400 DNA this results in more than 20,000 more DNA available in a year.
However this assumption has the flaw that using an instant fuse is going to require some DNA as well. Time will tell how much this will affect my calculation.

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Yeah I will probably only use the instant fuse on either 12 or 24 hour fuse timers. It will be a nice addition to have a go to for those really long fuse times just waiting on the side lines.

Plus it’s a guaranteed success on the fuse.


Just tried the instant creation lab & it didn’t unlock my creature. Did I miss the fine print? Do first time fusions not unlock new creatures?:frowning:

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It is not for creation purposes, you can use it to instantly fuse two creatures.

The creation lab is out now. As expected there will be only one fuse per week. And for the time being we can only have one charge available. That means that the timer will not begin to count down for the next charge until we use the actual one.
This is unfortunate.

wait how have you guys already got it? is this a timezone thing because I still have to wait 1day 3hrs and i only bought it a couple hours after release

So, we should fuse something to start the timer? Or does it not matter?

I haven’t started it yet because I have no long time fuse ahead.

I think you now have one fuse available in the lab and the seven day timer will not start before you use it.

I used mine to get a level 11 Monostegatops. The timer for the next one started immediately. I don’t think I’ll have anything over 4 hours ready in the next week. Although I really wish that I had held off on putting the level 20 Indominus rexes in the regular fusion chamber


It’s available exactly 30 days after you claim the VIP Food Facility which was exactly 30 days after you claim the DNA Facility