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VIP instant hatchery costs

I normally only do tournament Dino’s, which I thought was $250DB, but today I tried a tournament hybrid and it was $500 DB.

I have to wait to see if I can try to see what others cost. If someone have an open hatch and Dino’s in their market, you can tap them to see the screen and cancel.

I would try if I had an available instant hatch, but I used them both already. I believe regular tournaments are 250DB, but others are more. I believe @Sionsith figured out some of the costs. I believe super hybrids are even more even though the hatch in less time. I think cost goes up by rarity.

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500 DB for Instant Hatch is still a fraction of the 1680 DB if hatched normally

I feel like JWTG has much more valuable VIP benefits than JWA

Yup, $500 is what I paid as well. So I usually do the regular tournaments since they both take 7 days (no idea WHY they don’t cost the same but they don’t). Since I typically keep my market empty, I was hoping to use it more on days where there is a good market discount, rather than paying to speed up what’s in my Hatchery, so would definitely prefer to use it on the much more expensive hybrids to maximize the discount I get, but it seems silly to pay an extra 250DBs to save the same amount of hatchery time.


I believe the cost is based on rarity and that cost is doubled for a hybrid and then doubled again for a shybrid.


Rare 25, rare hybrid 50, rare shybrid 100

SR 50, SR hybrid 100, SR shybrid 200

Legendary 100, legendary hybrid 200, legendary shybrid 400

Tourney 250, tourney hybrid 500

Really costwise it’s best to instant hatch standard tournament creatures and legendary aquatics, then place tourney hybrids and indoraptors in the standard hatchery


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Well, yeah obviously that is what is determining the cost… it just doesn’t make any sense that it’s done that way, vs. being based on the time that it takes to hatch.


Yes I agree, even a vip costs 250 to instant hatch, that’s 150 extra to what it would cost if you sped hatched it first slot :thinking:

Really I dont understand it costing bucks in the first place, a weekly cooldown means we can hardly abuse this function so I’m really not sure what they were going for here, we should count ourself lucky that the ICL doesnt cost bucks to use I suppose lol


Yeah Ludia making it still cost DBs when all the VIPs were expecting it to be a free Hatchery was so Ludia.