VIP Instant Hatchery is going to arrive

It is about time to discuss what we are going to expect from the VIP Instant Hatchery that will be available in a few days.

  • no problems

  • minor issues

  • a catastrophe

Who will be the first to volunteer as guinea :pig2:?

I personally plan to use the lab in the beginning to hatch 14 Indoraptors and Indoraptors 2nd Gen in the following months.

What I’m asking myself for all this 7 days labs is, what will happen when we will have more instant actions availabe in the future.

Does this mean that we can collect more than one of these instant actions but still receive only one per week? Or does it mean that we will get more than one action per week? I’m afraid it will be the first choice, everything else would be so generous of Ludia, I would be totally baffled.

Any opinions?


I cant see there being as many problems with this as we have had with the ICL.

That being said I’m gonna start off with jurassics, tournament legendaries that are locked for me, I will focus on hatching all my locked creatures before starting on unlocked, reason being is that I want to maximise the opportunities I get in TH.

If I get offered DB for an unlocked creature it’s great (acanthostega the other day was 599 bucks) but if I get offered DB for a locked creature it’s a bit of a stinger.

In the long run this is the building that will save us most on the amount of bucks we spend and cant wait till it arrives.


@Tommi I think we will understand more in 33 days, which will be when we get our additional charges on the other two speed up buildings.

I hope either of these options is how they will work:

Each “charge” will have its own cool down. Meaning that for the instant fuse when I use one charge in 7 days I will get another one but if I have two charges and use another one a day later I will now have 1 coming in 6 days as well as one coming in 7 days.

It’s possible they will work like the CT in the trade harbor as well so let’s say I have 2 charges, after I use the first the clock starts to refresh all of them and in 7 days I will have two charges even if I haven’t used the second one.


I would assume it will work like the CTs in Trade Harbor. I think multiple timers would be hard to display, plus the process (and coding) already exists for the Trade Harbor version.

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Today is the day. I’m so excited that I could not sleep.:wink:

If it works this lab is definitely going to be the highlight of the new VIP gifts.:gift:

I must not forget to make enough screenshots of my current situation before I start my first attempt with the new lab. Just to be on the safe side.


Ah yes, imagine instant hatching that 7-day creature and it disappears.

I love the way how this doesn’t sound weird or abnormal


Imagine if it unlocks locked creatures :joy:

(If this happens keep it on the low down)


Before you can hatch it you have to buy it. How should you do this with a locked creature. That would be a very impressive bug.


Im excited because I can finally start hatching more dinos. Never mind that its instant.

Due to all the new dinos released its been a real struggle trying to balance the new dinos in with the olds.

Under 5 hours to go :wink:


Would make up for all the bad bugs thats for sure, likely this isn’t going to happen anyway but one can dream


Ah yes Rajasaurus here I come

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Courtesy of the instant hatchery…

No problems :facepunch:

That’s 1,600 bucks saved :money_with_wings:

Anyone care to try an aquatic or ceno?


One Indoraptor 2nd Gen without any problems.
Using the lab costs 400 bucks, so that’s only 1,200 bucks saved.


Ah what? I wondered why my bucks was lower

Where was the note for that? Will it charge us 400 bucks each time?


What :flushed:

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Yes that’s quite ridiculous considering the ICL is free

I’m still gonna use it on tourneys though I have lots to get through


Could I see a screenshot of the hatchery placed in a park out of curiosity? And maybe a shot of the menu to do the hatch? I’m still a few months away from mine.


@Phasmatus here you go brother…


The only VIP building I don’t like the design of so much is the Food Factory. It’s so huge. (Especially for the amount of food it produces, lol.)


I gotta say the instant hatchery looked amazing when placing it