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VIP...Is It Worth It

I’ve been grinding out in this game for a few years now. Im level 75, do most battles and play daily (card packs). The rate that it takes to get enough DNA to buy higher end hybrid cards is rediculous. If I were to pony up the $99 forcthe VIP yearly, what kind of increased DNA production would I have?

I maxed out coins and food and typically always have around $4k to $6k in dino bucks…but getting to 60k DNA is tough. One good card purchase and Im pretty much down to nothing. It sill take months to get vack up this high.

@DinoByeBye I pay for the VIP and I think it is worth it. I do the ten dollars a month purchase for it, the double VIP points, the DNA factory (I am up to 500 every 12 hours), the extra pack challenges, the new VIP only tournaments, and the additional discount options when they offer them make it well worth it in my opinion. If you are a daily player you for sure get your monies worth.

tomorrow I will be able to upgrade my DNA factory and I think the next step is 750 DNA every 12 hours. This feature takes a long time to level as you can only click to level every 12 hours but if you are already playing it is a nice bounus. Not to mention the VIP packs you can purchase more frequently, giving you more VIP creatures that have faster cool downs for battling.

I’ve had the game since just before Jurassic World released (which was about a month-ish after the game released), and also I’ve had VIP since it was first available. Initially I did not consider the cost to be worth it (granted it was also only available for a 9.99 monthly fee, not the cheaper and more convenient annual subscription), but now it’s fine because I only pay once a year and the cost is about $20 lower.

Additionally when VIP first came out there were WAY fewer rewards available than there are now. Not only do you accumulate DNA way faster via the DNA factory (mine brings in the max of 2K per day), but you’ll also enjoy 2x VIP points, exclusive VIP tournaments, and weekly events (with Legendary packs and subsequently more SDNA).

I still honestly think they could do more for the cost (particularly with more Dino bucks and in-game currency rewards) but I’ve got to credit Ludia with continuing to offer more and more for VIP players over the years. It’s definitely my favorite mobile game and while VIP membership is not necessary to enjoy this game there’s absolutely NO way that I’d have gotten all 200 creatures available (at this point in time), with most maxed out at level 40 without my VIP membership.

In closing I’d say VIP is definitely worth it for me (even though I think Ludia can still improve in what they offer to VIP players) and as long as you can easily part ways with ~$8-10 per month then it’ll probably feel worth it to most daily players of the game.

What they said. I’m a newish player, started in October. Went VIP after about two weeks. I’m up to level 72 now, and my dna plant gives about 700 extra dna per day. Combined with all the event winnings and extra discounts it speeds things up greatly.
Downside is that I literally have a months worth of super legendary dinos to hatch from events and prize drops. Typically I have DNA coming in from packs, events, boss battles, and code 19’s faster than I can use it.
I just wish I could get half an hour of free speed ups to hatch everything.


@Potato I generally save my Dino bucks and wait for one of the days / times they offer the reduced cost for speeding up hatching. I went through almost 40k in dino bucks a couple weeks back when they offered the discount. But yes I already have a bunch more waiting after clearing out a majority of them.

How did you get this ?

How did you get this

@Lora_Mote Could you please explain your question?

@Sionsith No kidding. It might sound odd, but on free hatchery pod day during the holiday specials, and a few dino bucks, I hatched all the commons, rares, and put a dent in the super rare dino cards I had. I’m still working my way up, and not putting resources towards hybrids and stronger dinos and focusing more on building up resources and earning capacity.

Plus having a massive bank of “intermediate” and “advanced” creatures allows me to PVP indefinitely without cooldown timers getting in the way. More play means more wins, more prize wheel spins, more income. Yesterday I scored two Cenozoic and one aquatic card packs.

@Lora_Mote look up at @Potato previous post specifically the last part of it. I gather resources through grinding on the game, I do every event every day, I think I have only missed a couple of days of the dailies. I am very frugal with the bucks that I earn I rarely spend them and if I do it is generally for unlocking something (additional hatch or fuse pod), not to speed something up. And the additional fuse pod is rare for me to use since it was 200 bucks a pop until recently. Out side of being very selective of where I use these bucks I grind, grind, grind. Constantly checking the trade harbor, I will almost trade anything for bucks, the only thing I don’t trade are locked dinosaurs (which I only have a handful left locked) and VIP points (unless it is an even trade or lopsided in my favor). If there is an event for a pack I am completing it. If there is a chance for an extra spin I am doing that thing. If there is a boss event I am grinding the levels I order to get the additional missions that give rewards of 1,000 1,500 2,000 Dino bucks. My park is set up for maximum coin generation so that I can constantly trade up for other resources which I can also trade up for bucks. No real secret other than time and patience to gather those resources.

I agree with Sionsith on the grind approach. We both started around same time but my DNA factory isn’t even close to his impending upgrade! Only disagreement is with the value of Dino bucks over JW VIP points. If Dino bucks were real money, yes. With the stronger VIP dinos gained using the JW points, you can win more PVP battles and win more better prizes, including bucks and JW points.

I’m on level 9 and the picture you showed I have never seen that before on Jurassic world I was wondering how you got all that plus the cards? I love this game I play it every day and I could use all the help I could get. Thank you very much for responding to my message. Lora

@Lora_Mote: as you level up, more and more of the game will open up to you: aquatic creatures in the lagoon, cenozoic creatures, tournaments, etc. One piece of unsolicited counsel: don’t rush the game. Take your time and enjoy it. There’s no end to this game, like most freemium games, and the further you advance the more you’ll feel pressure to get this dino or rush that upgrade. Just enjoy it as you have it.

@DinoByeBye: for my part, I have not paid for VIP, and I don’t regret it. The other folks have made excellent points, and it’s ultimately your decision (you could always trial it for a week or month and then decide); I’m just weighing in with my opinion.

The bottleneck currency for me is not DNA. I’ve shared in another thread how to get it. I wait for the sale on creatures in the market before I buy any (and the only creatures I buy are hybrids and occasional Uniques I’ve unlocked; everything else can be won either through PvE or PvP).

My bottleneck currency is dino-bucks, and several others have pointed out that VIP doesn’t really grant many extra dino-bucks. They’ve pointed out how backed up their hatchery is; as a non-VIP, I currently have 24 dinos in-queue for my hatchery, most of them legendary. No way I’ll get around to hatching them all; other dino cards come in faster than I can hatch them. So getting even more dino cards through VIP tournaments and such does not interest me.

Yes, there is a slight moral dilemma in that I’m not paying Ludia for this game with my money, but I am paying with my time; I watch a lot of commercials via the DNA button and second PvP victory spins and ticket claims. Plus I try to be a helpful contributor to these forums. Not sure about that latter position, though…

Long & short: make your own decision, but I do not currently think the VIP subscription is worthwhile. Good luck regardless!

@Lora_Mote Something to keep in mind, as it seems impossible at first, but at some point things start flowing in faster than you can utilize them. I think for me this was maybe around level 40-50. Basically, all at once I found I constantly have all 4 hatchery tubes full, all the time. The tip here is keep hatching common and rares with the free tube, and put the longer incubation time Dino’s in the pay tubes.

Keep food generation going all the time.

Coins get easier as you go. I’ve built a couple coin farms. For example, I currently have a paddock full of triceratops. As in, 9 lvl40, a 30, and two level ones to be sold for daily missions. Surround them in decorations to double their income, with a revenue tower in the middle.

This generates maybe 175,000 coins every 10 minutes. Dinosaurs are more profitable than buildings once your creature collection grows.

The prize drop rocks too. The more resources you acquire, the more resources you can get.


Im at lvl 75, have max coins and food and am good with dino bucks. So for me its about getting new dinos, which pretty much happens in the special events.

To finish in the dominator league you pretty much need a large stable of level 30+ super rare hybrids and up. I have this now, but from here on out its slow going.

Im pretty good at PvP battling too. I cant tell you how many times I beat someone with drastically better dinos. Most likely VIP members that have a crap ton of DNA and awesome dinos, but havent put in the time and really had to work hard just to get that one good dino.

I appreciate the PvP skills Ive gained, but feel like the time isnt worth the reward. Sorry Ludia but you might lose me.

The grapes are sour
People who cannot get what they want are inclined to pretend that they never wanted it, in order to save face. This comes from the fable of the fox that tried hard to reach a bunch of grapes, but failed. He then said they were certainly unripe, so that he was able to go away satisfied.

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My reaction:

I get the riddle (it’s a good parable), but I’m pretty confused as to its relevance.

I like the game; wouldn’t play it if I didn’t. My apologies if I came across complaining.

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Another question here…once you get a hybrid you only buy they hybrid right? If I get a dino card and I already have that dino I sell it for DNA. Im not hatching and feeding that thing to later fuse with its counterpart to get another hybrid.

I dont really do PvP as I dont think its worth it. $5/battle just to get some coins or food. Yes eventually you get a good pack or dino, but its too rare IMO. I dont habe wnough time every day to even attempt to make PvP worth it. Thus, I don’t have cool down issues or dino buck issues.

My stable of high quality dinos is enough that for special events I can battle morning/night each day and finish in the Dominator league. But its work. Fortunately my win rate is very high. If I catch a few matches against dinos that are far better, or get the very good PvP’er I might have to burn some dino bucks on a cool down or two and rebattle with my better dinos. This is the only time I run into dino buck issues.

To my knowledge, there are five ways to get a hybrid:

  1. Fuse it from two level 40 dinos;
  2. Buy it in the market;
  3. Occasionally you can trade for one in the trade harbor;
  4. You can win the common ones in the gyrosphere tour; if you’re VIP, you can win the rare ones in the gyrosphere tour;
  5. You have a chance of buying one in certain card packs.

But yes, you can buy the hybrid in the market once you’ve created its first fusion.

If you enjoy the PvP element, it’s worth it. You’re right that over half my victories grant coin or food. I do find that if I play enough (at least five matches), I win better rewards like dinobucks, DNA, etc. I can usually break even or come out ahead on dinobucks if I grind, especially if I watch the videos for the second spin.

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@DinoByeBye what @HanSoloWannaBe said above is correct on how to get hybrids. To your question it depends on your approach to the game. I will sell any card I get if it is for a creature I have already unlocked and have maxed to 40 if the trade is for DNA or VIP points. I still hatch dinosaurs that I have already maxed out to 40 for their coin generation and to keep my lowest level hatch pod busy, I reserve the three others for tournament level dinosaurs or legendary hybrids, that take 4-7 days to hatch.

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