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VIP is poor

VIP was already hard to justify for the cost… slightly bigger game area with a better multiple for coin collection although now you’ve removed the dart packs and reduced the inventory space for giga scents you’ve managed to make the decision for me to cancel VIP.

What are the benefits here? It’s simply poor poor value for money… you seriously need to rethink things here!

This isn’t a wah wah I’m quitting post, I enjoy the game although as I said, VIP is a joke.


The giga and darts were for all players and not just VIP.

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Yes, although maybe VIP should keep that benefit, there has to be some value to monthly subscription.

Yea if they did add them back to be a VIP excusive thing that would add some major value.


Compared to the subscription costs of some other games it isn’t bad. The extra range and battery life is good for that price and it helps support the game.

Maybe although there’s no getting away from the fact that you are now getting less for the money.

I’ve been playing for approx 3 months so the daily dart packs and 3 giga scents are all I know. I took VIP to increase the area due to lockdown although that is now lifting.

I’ve been talking amongst my ally and out of 50, at least 12 I know of have cancelled VIP…

Not sure why Ludia feel this is attractive.


True but there are a lot better VIPs in other games. One game I like to comepare JWA to is Clash royale because of how teams are set. Idk just reminds me of it. Also in there VIP you have LOADS of rewards for the same price of VIP in this game.