VIP isn’t worth it


Was hoping for a little more than just one special incubator and about 30m range. Won’t be renewing. Thanks for the incubator… ya got me for $10. Everything else is stupid expensive… at least show a little love for the people who were willing to pay a subscription. No love. No renewal.


One-time only Epic incubator
Extended Drone range 33%
Extended Drone battery 33%
3rd reward on every supply drop
Double the daily coin limit
Access to premium incubator in shop

For me I pay VIP for the 33% extra drone battery, 3rd reward on supply drops and double daily coin limit - I think that’s all really helpful. I wish we got an epic incubator every month though as well.


Yeah I’m only keeping it for the range addition. It actually does really help having it. I wish we got more from it, the extra options on supply drops are eh cause I still only get what everyone else that isn’t VIP are getting. But for now I’ll keep it, I’m hoping they add a little more incentive for players like us to keep it in the future though. Even just a rare incubator every month would be fine with me.


It’s not what you get that’s the issue, it’s the price. $10/month is simply too much for an app. They would have many more subscribers with 2$/month, a reasonable price. For 10$/month, you can get membership for huge online pc games with huge amounts of content, which is completely different than a phone or tablet app… They are simply being too greedy, don’t have to look farther than that.


Yes I agree - underwhelming really
I would purchase for mininmum time only -
There is not incentive to stay on the VIP for this price they do not give you enough


I’m in agreement here with most, the 10.00 per month is pricey for what you get. At the very least they could pull the video ads for VIP members.


10$ is actually fine for the Epic Incubator + better chance at Daily Dinosaurs and normal ones (Drone/Battery buffs). Way more fair than other Incubator prices.


It is a first time only deal on the incubator.
First month is worth it.
Each successive month is not.


Why not buy the VIP.
cancel it after the month (before, if it still lets you VIP for the month you paid for)

wait one day


will that give you a “new” VIP incubator each month?


Agree I will not pay monthly subscription at what they are charging. If it was dropped to£2 I would think about it.