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Vip issue and dino of the day today

I restarted the game at 10am, seen a Erlikaspyx so I tried to dart it only to have the battery timer be like it was a free acct…I looked and it showed the vip battery to be purchased in the store, I’m already a vip member so I lost out on getting some dna because of it…was 40 short, if the timer had been correct I would have gotten it…I didnt see it wasnt showing vip before I darted it…grrrrrr

Based on your previous posts you knew that VIP was already broken. Why did you try to dart it so early? I don’t have VIP but that’s not right you guys not having it all these days and hope you get compensated for something.

I figured when I restarted it for the 3rd time it would have worked, man was I wrong…