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VIP Jurassic world Alice and Jurassic world the game


I play the 2 games, but i activated VIP in alive, but there is VIP in the “Jw the game” version to, wath i dont understand is that VIP activated in 1 version is active in other version. For me the VIP in alive isnt needet and a waist of money. Why not activade it 1 time for the 2?


Steven D, VIP is available in JWTG. I find it quite useful there though others disagree.

Regarding the one charge for both idea, my best guess is that each game requires many separate resources, therefore separate fees. Ludia is a for profit enterprise and JWTG has constant resources trimmed. Having VIP gives an advantage but not immunity. It would be insane to cut their revenue stream in half unless it was temporary.

For what it’s worth


VIP in Jwtg is usseful, i use it to, but VIP in jwalive is only for people that have not much time.