VIP Limitations


Great game… but…

Stops: I was hoping that with VIP, and double rewards at stops, that we wouldn’t have limitations on winnings. I’m paying $10-$13 a month to still be limited on winnings? What’s the point?

Treasure hunts: Then, you come out with this incredible event, but, still limited by how much you can obtain? This is ridiculous when it costs 6000+ coins to evolve your dino’s after level 10’ish. You’re forcing players to buy buy buy. Great business model, but lots of unhappy customers. Up the limit, or remove it with VIP. That alone would be enough to entice players to join.

Glitch / Freeze / Disconnect - Please, for goodness sake, fix the disconnect bugs. This is the first game I’ve ever wanted to play so bad, but hated to play when I go for walks, because I can’t walk but 20 feet without getting disconnected. Didn’t experience this with Pokémon, haven’t experienced this with any other game, or cellular service. It’s terrible.