VIP linked to email or screen name?


I am thinking of buying VIP on Jurassic World Alive for the extended battery (I play a lot and it would be beneficial). The problem is that my son plays on his phone under my email address. I play on my phone under facebook login. When I go to purchase VIP it has the email that my son plays under on his phone (cannot be changed that I can see). If I purchase VIP, will my son’s phone get the benefits from it or will my phone? Any help would be appreciated since I cannot seem to get a reply from Ludia.


Hey ToonViolence,

This is a frustrating situation to be sure! Unfortunately, VIP can only be purchased once per store account so if the account is already tied to your son’s game you will probably need a second store account to get VIP for yourself.

Our support staff is still trying to clear the tickets and are doing their best to catch up. They may have further ideas for workarounds that could resolve this issue and will do their best to respond to you soon.