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VIP - Map updates to 150m

Am I the only one getting the issue where the map will update and change radius from 200m to 150m? And it also seems to remove VIP benefits like higher coin totals, etc. I can only get it back to 200m (and I’m assuming active VIP features) by rebooting the app.

@Ned is this a known issue developers are fixing?

I have that happening too. I emailed support with my key 2 weeks ago. You might want to do the same.

The ended up replying to me last week saying they are aware of it. Then the system tried to close the ticket and asked if I still needed help. I replied that nothing has been done yet, so yes.

They replied earlier this week again with the same response - that they are aware of it. So maybe just report it for now, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any type of response anytime soon.

I have had the issue since the last update and reported it had to send screenshots to prove I had paid for vip but as of yet no joy in getting anything done on the matter

I experinced it once. I just closed and reopened the game and it was fine again

I get this issue also where you can clearly see where my vip has came back on by the yellow circle but I still can’t dart etc as it’s says join !!
Also reported

Force close and reopen, it should be fine after that.

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That’s fine to say but with amount of times it happening it making game extremely hard to play as spend more time having to reboot lately

I force close the gane and reopen. It does work like you mentioned, but a few minutes later it just happens again. That is the problem for me - constantly having to force close and reopen to fix it temporarily

I also cancelled my VIP to see if maybe that would work. Going to play a little bit without it and might restart it again later if they can fix the problem.

That’s a pain… I don’t have that. I do have the VIP gone like you (mostly after a connection hiccup ) but after force close it’s all back to normal. I can understand your situation being frustrating

Same issue here, I just close app, clean cache and restart app. It’s the only way it reloads VIP on my device.

Well the worst thing in this issue is while driving if u don’t find anything in that circle u don’t try to click it and see as u don’t have enough time. And u miss out on many dinos including epics which has happened many time to me since this issue started

Worst part was when i got only time to dart the epic t rex and mono only 8 and times respectively even though it was less then 15 mtrs. What i mean is i usually get 12-14 on t rex and mono always 14-15

Hey MHSzymczyk, if you haven’t already, could you please contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can get your information and assist you?