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VIP math


Anyone else noticed that with the VIP package that the supply drops are not doubled rewards?

By my math logic 2 times any whole number will result in an even numbered answer.

Many of the rewards are odd numbers.


it checks out :+1:


It’s quartered from the distance. 125 for the normal coins x2 for VIP. Then 250/4 = 62.5, rounded up to 63.

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You’re a secret Ludia plant too? Oh man, this turns my world upside down :exploding_head::sob:

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I hear, that if you get super vip, every thing is quadrupled…its probably just a myth tho…


Legend has it that with VIP, your game freezes 33%less than usual and Ludia will not listen to your feedback with 33% less


Bunners has the best explanation. Rounding is usually the culprit.

Another thing that can cause errors are the way number variables are defined in the program; integer, precision, double precision, etc. and the way the processor handles them. I’ve had errors where a whole number is stored as a precision number and then when it was multiplied by an integer a fraction was returned in the result. I.e. 100 x 2 = 200.0000034 = 200
or 128 x 2 = 255.99999967 = 255

This usually happens to me when a function’s variable is expecting a precision number and I pass it a variable defined as an integer. It works but the results may not be exactly what I was expecting.

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No, I’m a math nerd. I don’t work for Ludia, though if I did I probably would hide the fact. Tell people I’m a ditch digger or something. :smirk:


What’s super vip?

Edit: BTW I’m actually asking. Is it a joke?

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Sometimes you wonder…is it really math? lol. Supply drops are RNG itself gotta love it when you get nothing sometimes.


Yeah, Ludia Math. 1+1 = 50%

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Well… 2+2 is 4… -1 that’s 3…

Quick maths!!