Vip membership questions

I really like the game and im thinking about joining VIP. But i have some questions:
1: Do i get a special incubator as soon as i register?
2: Last time i was VIP in JW the game and when my month was over it still dragged money from me even if i was not VIP in the game anymore, so i had to pay VIP for 4 Months even if i was not VIP in the game… So im wondering if it stops the VIP and the payments when my time runs out. And if it does not, how do i turn it of?

Thanks, really like the game and would like to support it!

Incubator is instant … had no problem when I cancelled via Google Play … and then rejoined less than two days later …

It’s subscription based, so you have to cancel at least 24 hours prior to the renewal date.