VIP minor tweak


We have 33% more battery and range; how about the same on coin limit - very minor tweak.


I couldn’t agree more. I have a route I walk where I can get all 10,000 coins in just an over an hour. Trouble is it can take longer if I can’t be bothered to use that route. It can be a grind doing it everyday…

I would love if they added a round number of 15k as the limit, however I think 25k would give people much more incentive to go out and grind. Just think instead of spending 500 dino buck for 25k you can walk for them instead!! Now that would be more of a VIP experience.


People talk about double or unlimited but I think if we keep the suggestion in line with the other power-ups they may just go for it - who knows :slight_smile:


And 33% more on DNA fuses :rofl:


I was gonna say unlimited, but I thought I was going on too much. Unlimited coins should really be the case. We should be rewarded for walking to these stops at all times. If we put the work in we should be rewarded thats simple, just like those who pay to get these coins they get there reward of slightly advancing even further in the game. It should go both ways. Reward walker’s and payers almost equally. I agree giving payers a slight advantage over free to play walkers. Its gives people incentive to pay. I get that. They I need to make money.

However, someone throwing money at the game shouldn’t be allowed to just fly up the leaderboards at the speed of light, while someone who grinds and works hard at the game only advances around an average pace.

Darts in inventory are basically unlimited now with VIP I meant really fall under 75 in inventory now. Coins should go the same way.


I’m pretty sure spoofers will be really happy ! Before they still had to purchase coins to use their unlimited amount of DNA but if you provide them with unlimited coins they won’t need any purchase.

Plus the fact that once all your dino are level 30 what’s the point ? The game should not be made easier, it’s a grind and they built it in a way you not have a team of level 30 within a month :joy: