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VIP Monthly Benefit Release


In the spirit of something new coming out soon perhaps after more than six months the team has discovered what they did last time to insure they don’t do it again, @Ned?


I do agree.

Now that I have a high amount of dinos over the 1 day CD I am missing that extra recovery. With the next rewards tier being another instant fusion, that puts the total at 8, meanwhile we still only have 3 recoveries.

I guess the recovery center is more niche since it only applies to those late game players with loooong CD times, but more focus on it would be great.

The fusions are kinda meh now that I only use them for getting new tourney dinos to L40, with all my other dinos already being at L40. I’ve even used a few uses on dinos that only take 2 hours to fuse just to get full use out of the center.

But what if we got a VIP building that has a 1 month cooldown where we can create VIP and VIP+ dinos of our choosing, since the 50k packs are too expensive and the 35k packs shaft players for the other rewards in the pack (i.e. only 100 DB). This way VIPs can regularly get VIP+ dinos that they want for their lineups. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: