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VIP Mystery packs for ads

I’m not sure if it started with the update, but from time to time it is possible now to get an additional VIP mystery pack for watching an ad.
I had the possibility 3 or 4 times until now but was not able to find any pattern if and when it appears.
Has anybody already found out if there is a regular pattern behind the appearance of an additional pack for an ad?


No pattern,I could watch one after the last update,but no more . This update has more than just 1.

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I’ve noticed that as well.

I do not know if this is going to be permanent but it seems that you can get an additional pack now each time you open a regular mystery pack.
It may happened with the update. If it stays this means up to 120 more loyalty points per day, 100 more dinobucks plus 1000 more DNA possible and some dinos.
This would be a major increase of income that seems to be almost not recognized.
I advise everyone to check the mystery packs from now on each time after opening the regular pack.

Update: Obviously it happened only by chance that I had three additional packs in a row via ad. Now I’ve got another pack but no ad.
So the question remains: Is there a pattern? Back to square one.

Update #2: Opened three regular mystery packs today and got 2 additional ads. This makes 5 mystery packs in summary. Not too bad.


My additional vip mistery pack’s count down stands at exactly the same time as my usual mystery pack’s. I think it’s either time related or card related (get one for free). I open both at the same time.
But yes, it is a very nice surprise!

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