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ViP needs a revamp

I had ViP for 2 months and canceled it. I am going to explain my reasons why and what I think a good suggestion would be to make it more appealing. The are two main reasons why I canceled.

The first is the Monday ViP only event. Typically this is going to be a xp, gold, gem, or gear event. You generally only get a total of 4 runs. The problem is lets say you have a 2x gold event going. You get 4 total runs but there’s only 4 dice rolls that can be gold per run. You can easily do four complete runs and not even get a gold reward show up let alone get the multiplier for it. I have had this happen to me before not just on gold events but on gear events where I rolled all gold and gem rolls and got 0 of the gear multiplier. Also of note is you only get 2 free runs then you have to PAY gold or gems to do the other runs, the payment should be the $10 a month you are paying not your in game resources, ViP events should be 100% free if you ask me.

The second reason why I stopped ViP is the randomness of gold and gem cards that show up after completing a challenge run or from opening any kind of chest. Its very frustrating to be paying for ViP and open 6 chests, some even red or dungeon master packs, and get 0 vip cards and then watch a guildmate open one and get 17k gold in vip cards. the randomness stinks. I got tired of hardly ever getting those big gold bonuses and seeing other people get them, we are both paying the same per month. basically the randomness is to much and makes it hard to see the value

So those are the reasons I quit ViP. Here are my suggestions on things you could do that it would make it not necessarily more valuable to players but more transparent so they know what exactly they are getting with their money.

First. the Monday ViP event. If the event is a gold event, make all 20 rolls for gold with the reward that scales per higher roll. If it is a 2x gear event then make all 1-20 rolls have gear, scale the gear type and number of gear appropriately. If its a gem event then make all 1-20 rolls be gems scaled appropriately. Last make all 4 runs FREE. You are paying real money and the event is exclusive to only ViP show them some value and do not then charge them again by making them pay resources to do the very event they are paying real money for.

Second. Random ViP cards for challenges and from chests and packs. GET RID OF THEM. Instead just give everyone with ViP a 10% bonus to all gold and gems they get through challenges , chests and packs. This gets rid of the frustrating randomness that can make people unable to see the value in being ViP. It also lets people see that they are a ViP and that there is a direct benefit and advantage for them over people who are not ViP.

Lastly some things that would make being ViP more enticing to more people to get more subscribers.

  1. Let ViP people get 4 or 5 chances instead of 3 on Test of Might events before they have to pay for more chances.

  2. Once a day let them keep ALL 3 dice rolls on a challenge instead of only getting to choose 1.

  3. Reduce the time to 3 or 4 hours instead of 5 hours for the free challenge.

  4. Once a day let ViP people reset cards to sell or buy in Durnans shop

  5. Give ViP people an advantage in ToM, for instance if their algorithm normally puts them against a 3500 score person instead let vip people fight someone around 3300

  6. let ViP have some luck. Maybe 3 times a day let them move a roll in a challenge up or down 1. For instance let say they roll a 5, 10, and 19 on a challenge, let them move one of those rolls up/down 1 so they could turn the 5 to a 4 or 6, turn the 10 to an 11 or 12, and turn the 19 to an 18 or 20

Those are some of my complaints on the reasons I cancled my ViP and the things that you could do to possibly make someone like me become ViP again. The other suggestions are fun things that if you added you could probably get more people to pay which means more more content for us all.


VIP unequivocally is worth its weight in gold!

When you get a chest with 2k or 5k, all relative and you recieve an additional 6 or 15k respectively, amongst the additional daily chest the other VIP events and more.

A chest that gives 200gp, in a challenge, 600gp vip additional, no biggie, when you open a daily 500 chest, as I did the other day and you recieve 11k gp and VIP another 33,000gp, that’s the cake.

If you’ve quit or someone is considering quitting VIP, don’t, if you have interest in real success, VIP necessary.
If someone thinks VIP is not worth it(.50 cents a day, I bought a meal deal at McD the other day, was terrible, as most fast food is, cost me $13 or essentially VIP) you either don’t play often or you are new and have not played enough to realize the benefits and they are massive!:partying_face:

Or maybe unrealistic🦄 or even greedy, not sure.

I previously received great benefit from VIP as spellbooks are multiplied against the VIP bonus. However, the recent spellbook limits has rendered VIP redundant.

The new Warriors Quest pass seems to provide greater value at half the price of VIP.
I would have suggested the Warrior Quest Pass be included as a bonus to VIP membership. (this could offset some of the losses resulting from the new spellbook limits)

I anticipate players will discontinue VIP membership in favor of the cheaper but more valuable Quest Pass.

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you are factoring in the one chest that game you 33k. I have opened plenty of red chest and dungeon master packs, purple chests, guild rally chests etc etc that had ZERO vip gold in them. if you have good luck vip can be worth it, if you have bad luck, not so much. that is why i said they need to normalize it. I am 5k+ arena and have mostly 18/19 guys and i personally do not think vip is worth it especially with the spellbook changes. They obviously have an equation they think how much each person will make, they need to just give whatever that amount is weather its 3 8 or 15% more gold than what you would normally get, just give that flat percentage and then theres no question.

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I agree, the new changes make the warriors pass seem like a much better benefit than vip is

Red chest is 1 example, over the course of the past year, VIP, I suspect has provided me 500k plus items galore.
Honestly, the more players that don’t VIP the easier my climb, so I’m now neutral on the matter🤡

I would also urge you to start keeping track, screenshot every time you get a rewards and write stuff down. While I had the 3 day gold book up the other day I had NINE secret rooms in a row where I got zero pvp cards. I grinded more than others in my guild yet when it was all said and done I made roughly 125k in gold but had guildmates that had made 300k or more due to more secret rooms, more vip cards for those rooms and vip cards showing up while book was active, meanwhile i got hardly anything during the same time. it is way to sporadic

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Also I would say that ViP gives much more of a benefit to new players than it does older people. When working through the challenge mode and still unlocking things and getting packs through renown ViP is a much bigger benefit. However once you have everything unlocked and have 20 reknown you are not getting nearly as many card packs and such where you can get those big gold vip bonuses. Vip should be just as much a benefit to a veteran as a new person. if they normalized rewards instead of randomizing it it could come closer to doing that


I’ve been playing since scratch, I only buy vip, am closing in on 4k battle, I’m top 100-150, I qualify as veteran.

I finished 20 renown in Dec and all quest lines too.

I battle lots, open a truck full of chests.

The 11k for example I recieved isn’t what a new player receives so in that respect it is balanced!
As I said its relative.

Secret rooms, If that’s your guage for VIP quit now…lol

thats not my gauge for vip, i spelled my vip gauge out already. Maybe I didnt do a good job explaining it so you’ll understand I will spell it out more. On secret rooms you can get a vip card from the chest just like any other chest in the game. While grinding like crazy during an event you are going to see a lot of chests. seeing all those chests gives you a better idea how often you are getting those very valuable gold vip card which during a gold book are worth like 6k. I had 9 secret rooms in a row where i got no vip card so i didnt get that 6k gold bonus, meanwhile i had guildmates getting 3 vip cards in a row on secret room netting 18k gold. What i am saying is that vip benefitted me hardly anything while it was greatly benefitting others with better luck. When you are paying real money for something the bonuses you get should not be luck driven leaving some players with much worse results than others. Normally without those secret rooms give you like 600 gold and then like 1900 on top of that with a vip card. if the rate of the vip card for a room is lets say 20%, why not instead of getting 1 card potentially every 5 rooms you just spread that 1900 gold out which is 380gold per room for 5 rooms. so it would be roughly 63% more gold of the base 600…so with the change it would be 980g every secret room with vip instead of how it is now where its 600 and then a 20% chance of a card with 1900 where you could have a run of bad luck and not get any vip cards or a run of good luck and get many.

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With the warrior pass in comparison, vip becomes hard to justify imho. Yes, it does need a revamp badly.


I like you, City Watch could use a player that is involved, active and wants to win, we have had 50/50 many times, I removed the dead weight, never have cared for inflated numbers, why, so that we can sit top 30 as we did(24th was best), we now sit 79th but all members are active and are deserving of whatever we achieve, that’s guild unity in my belief.

My two cents, dollar for dollar, VIP is the best spend in the game if you’re going to spend. The new Warrior List looks like great value in terms of Ludia spend, but barring that new feature, VIP is better than any other spend in the game. Also note that VIP gets better the longer you have it until it caps at VIP level 12. For those who don’t want to spend, not earth shattering. But well worth the cost if you do like spending a bit for a more enjoyable experience.

Just to add on your wish wish I wish as a vip i could reset the reward challenge once a day or extend the reward table 24 hour for example something like that.

Oh and you know what would be great an event with only 1 attempt every result is a legendary or silverhand and you get to pick one out of the 3 result

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yes being able to pick your legendary would be a very nice addition to pvp and i bet some people would sign up just to do it if anything for at least a month.

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thanks for you kind words. I am in Above Syndicate and happy here. I always like lively debate on topics even if I disagree with the other people as long as they are passionate about the subject as well. In these instances all it does is provide more feedback for the devs to make the game better.

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