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VIP - Never get dollars from supply


Hello, I’m vip and I never get dollars from the supply. Always only coins and darts, most times even two dart prices.
Is that a known bug? It seems like I got none of the 3 prices shown but 1x coins 2x darts… anyone has the same problem?


I have had them twice I think, I did email them about the issue but never got a reply.


How many supply did you spin ?

The dollars are random and sometimes it takes me 30+ supply to get them. When I wasn’t VIP they were rare, but as a VIP I hit the daily caps easily (but I spin more than a hundred supply each day so)


Recognized that now lol. Thought you would get price 1,2 or 3, but it’s a mix of them! Thank you!


I must spin about 50 odd things a day and have only ever reached my cap on the first day of my VIP.