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Vip never stays active

My vip subscription never stays active since last update I wrote into support with support key and screenshots after advise from @Ned on 27th Oct but still no reply
Can’t rewrite in as ticket will return to bottom but you took my this month subscription without hesitation but can’t help solve my problem of getting the service, I spend 70% of the time restarting or reinstalling the game to try and play beginning to wonder if there is any point to this at all.
@Ned @Jorge @Keith @Isabelle
Why can’t you help customers rather than just flag posts

I have the same thing.
also with daily battle incubators, id get the non vip one

I have the same issue occasionally. In no apparent reason the vip seems to go off and on. The vip tag is always on in the settings - even when in game visuals/behavior states otherwise. I’m not always getting what I’m paying for the vip. :unamused:

Probably map refreshments causes it. Sometimes I see that map don’t refresh properly (sanctuary disappear for few minutes). Also didn’t saw this bug mentioned before 1.10 update.

Hey Shazbo1963, I am sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with your VIP subscription and that you are still waiting for a reply from our support team. Could you please make sure that you had sent your email to our team at this address

In the meantime, our FAQ here might have some information that could help you with this as well:

As you can see that’s me just logged in now and this is what I get every time it ridiculous and I did that when you suggested it to me in Oct

I can definitely understand your frustration, Shazbo1963. However, could I ask you to send a new email to the address I’ve provided for you above? Our team will be sure to assist you further with this ASAP once they get a chance to review your message.

I have done that again but you can imagine how I feel as they have happily taken payment again for this months subscription but I am not or haven’t had the service I am paying for really since the last update

It’s a frustrating situation, I can understand. :sweat:

If Ludia keeps refusing to respond and takes your money file a grievance with the store that you use! IE: App Store or Google Play!

How do I do that ??